What Are Some Unwritten Criteria for Getting Chosen POY in D1?

  • Recently @HawkChamp asked me have 2 players from the same program won POY in consecutive seasons?

    I thought it was a great question that I did not have the answer for, nor the drive to do the leg work to find out.

    But it did trigger me to write down some of the apparently unwritten criteria for being selected national POY in D1.

    Here are some:

    a.) a player the media already knows either from petroshoeco hype-branding, or from prior years of sound play peaking into a great season;

    b.) a player has to be the hub, or 1st option scorer, or both, on his team;

    c.) a player has to have a personal/career “narrative” the media knows how to sell (i.e., it goes much deeper than he is “good guy” (i.e., but presently it now goes beyond selling positives; in particular, the player has to be identity politic neutral, or sympathetic.)

    d.) a player has to be either one of the future all-time greats of the game, or he has to play in a year, when there no future all time greats, and there are 2-3 lesser, but petroshoeco pre-selected players that apparently divide the petroshoeco brand voting blocks and so allow the outlier to get in (Frank Mason appears to have benefitted some from this criterion);

    e.) a player has to “come up big” in most of the games where he has an opportunity to come up big for his team at the end;

    f.) a player has to outplay some top players over the course of the season that “seem,” according to the “eye test” of sports journalists to be better players;

    g.) a player has to either be from the EST, or perform far better than any EST player in terms of the criteria listed above, or benefit from 2-3 EST players dividing up the EST voting block;

    h.) a player cannot be the reason his team does not go deep in the madness (i.e., his teammates have to be weak enough for the voters to assign the blame for his team not going deep to his teammates); and

    i.) a player either has to be a true thoroughbred and potential all timer, or he needs to be the underdog that has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

    Feel free to add or subtract from the list.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Here is a list of a few POY awards over the years. Looks to me like there aren’t many, consecutively from the same team (except for repeat winners like Sampson and Walton). The only one I found was Sidney Wicks of UCLA (Oscar Robertson and Sporting News POY) followed by Bill Walton (consensus). Might be others, in the years where they were split among a few players.

    No consensus consecutives I could find.


  • Edit: Walter Berry and Chris Mullin won the Oscar trophy and Wooden Award in consecutive years from St. Johns.

  • It really helps to have a song written for you that starts w/BI.

  • @mayjay

    Thank you so much for posting that!!!

  • @mayjay

    Do you think the basketball and basketball media worlds are ready for the following secret society-identity-politics-era-oriented National POY awards?

    Anglo-Zionist-Freemason POY.

    Knights of Malta-Jesuit POY.

    I keep looking at the conspicuous composition of the US Supreme Court and seeing half Roman Catholics and half Jews with a new tie splitter (Gorsuch) being an Catholic converted to an Episcopalian, which is a British Anglican.

    Nothing to see here!

    So: lets have some fun with these folks, who, I admit, are not widely noted for their forgiving, good humors.

    Since USA remains a majority protestant country, but those advocating for open boarders apparently in pursuit of reducing the voting advantage of the protestants, seem to be winning, might basketball not be a little behind the times in the quaint notion of a single POY for college basketball?

    We could call it something inaccurately, and unfairly, reductive like the Jewish POY and the Catholic POY, but don’t you think there is something more accurate, high brow, fair, and, well, conspiratorial sounding (not in the CIA propaganda sense of conspiratorial smear though) about calling them Anglo-Zionist Freemason POY and the Knights of Malta-Jesuit POY?

    Then we could begin talking about the first player ever to win both the awards in the same season.

    A season when one player wins both would signal when the two groups of private oligarchy were getting along better, and when different players won the two POY awards, then it would signal when the two groups of private oligarchy were getting along less well.

    It could be a real help for ordinary Americans not schooled in esoteric power structures of secret societies to realize when there was more and less harmony at the top.

    I know I would sleep better.

    I was even thinking that in the more conflicted seasons, we might have a best of three one-on-one competition between the two winners of the two awards.

    One game could be played at a specially constructed City of London, Inc. Arena, and the other could be played in a specially constructed Vatican Center, and a third deciding game, when necessary, could be played in a specially constructed Jerusalem Dome, for old times sake.

    Each game in the series could have a catchy branding name to help attract endorsements.

    The game at City of London, Inc. Arena could be called “The Tribe of Dan” Classic.

    The game at the Vatican Center could be called the “The Trinity Classic.”

    The third and deciding game at Jerusalem Dome could be called “The Eye for an Eye Classic.”

    Basketball…its Secret Society-tastic!!!

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Drew Gooden and Nick Collison were back-to-back NABC POYs.

  • @5yardfuller Yikes! Too close to home to miss that. Good catch!

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