610 no longer home of KU

  • Are they moving to 810?!

  • @chriz I heard that.

  • U heard they’re moving to 810? Kietzman’s head will explode! They’d have to drop KSUck!

  • I did hear that, doesn’t mean it’s true

  • I wouldn’t be shocked, 810 is doing a broadcast from the KU Bookstore while Frank is doing a special appearance there on Friday.

  • chriz said:

    U heard they’re moving to 810? Kietzman’s head will explode! They’d have to drop KSUck!

    Isn’t he in charge of everything at 810? It’s just a business decision.

  • Officially announced 810 today.

  • Danny went to KU, so did Bukaty. St. John is a Mizzou fan, but thinks the world of Bill Self. The Pot stirrers are Keitz and T.J. I will find it difficult to listen to “Between the Lines” with the continued negativity and rating baits. Jack Harry retired from TV, but still shows up on the afternoon show. There will be plenty of goading about KU’s refusal to play MU. They do have a more powerful signal that can be picked up in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and on a good day, Northern Texas. We will reach more fans and more haters. I can’t blame 610 for going with the Royals and realizing that much of the preseason and early tournaments will clash with Royals games, especially if they are in the October, November playoffs. Superstitiously, I’m aware that 610 has broadcast every year of the Streak.

  • I don’t mind 810 am myself. Though I do get tired of the lets save MU mantra. Yet from a business point of view I get it. If you can’t have KU then your try to grab whatever you can. Hell they would even try to give NU love. Just trying to tap into the NU audience. Yet if they have KU? That’s the game changer. KU is like Kansas City’s NBA team. Even Keitz has said that more than once on his between the lines afternoon show.

  • 810 starts off on the right foot by traveling to Italy to broadcast the four games. Yeah!


  • Nice! Radio it is.

  • Holy Cow Kstate just got kicked to the curb. “Last paragraph”


  • Lol wonderful

  • @DoubleDD KSU is probably switching with KU and going over to 610.

  • I presume 610 will prioritize Royals games over KSUck games?

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