• ya know the more I sit back and watch Bol, Bol, - - seems like there is a lot of times he is did-interested, not really engaged, trots down the floor, doesn’t get back, lack of hustle, seems a little on the lazy side. So is it just me OR maybe it’s not such a bad thing that we kind of faded out of this? - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • It’s hard to measure effort with really talented HS kids because their talent overwhelms their opposition. It’s hard to make it look like you’re playing hard when you’re running faster and jumping higher than everyone else. They are going max effort and you’re just gliding along, yet still pulling away, jumping higher and basically doing whatever you want on the court.

    Is the kid not playing hard because he’s efficient, or is he lazy, or is he protecting himself? It’s hard to tell without watching every minute of each game to see how they play against equals, against those that are overmatched, etc.

  • I think its more concerning for Bol Bol that he’s chosen to surround himself with people on the West Coast that are influencing his life. All the reports of him wanting out of Kansas most likely had some truth to it. He’s living on the WC and I don’t see him ever coming back past the Miss. River unless Calipari gets him.

    He was terrific this spring and has a truly unique skill set for his size/body type. He’s not a fast twitch player and sometimes can be a step slow to react but his ability to protect the rim really makes most of his weaknesses null and void. He can do things on offense that you don’t expect out of someone his size. He’s got a ton of boom or bust potential to him.

    KU would love to have his talent but from everything I’ve ever gathered this is more of a Bol Bol doesn’t want KU then KU doesn’t want him. I saw some of his HS games this winter on TV and he was terrific.

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