• Now bottom of the 5th in the Sunshine 😴 State.Time to stand up to cancer at the 2017 Miami MLB ALL STAR ⭐️ game. I stand up for Wade, Mike & Mom. Love ❤️ you all.

  • @globaljaybird Massive brain fart here. Forgot the game was on. Have I missed anything exciting.

  • @brooksmd Lots of good pitching. Sano drove in Schoop with a seeing eye bloop single in the AL 5th. Molina hit a HR for the NL in the 6th to tie. Perez lined out and popped out. Vargas allowed a leadoff single, then a long drive to center field track was caught by Metts, who doubled the runner trying to advance to 2nd.

  • @brooksmd It’s OK pops, I have em all the time. This may be the first day in a week I haven’t stumbled trying to take a step. Fell flat yesterday down at the lake - tripped on sand LOL 😂.

  • @globaljaybird So not only did Vargas, winningest pitcher with the lowest era in the AL this year, get screwed out of starting with battery mate Salvy, but he was relegated to 3rd reliever and 1 inning. Talk about small market snub.

  • @globaljaybird Gotta watch those grains of sand. Sneaky little bastards will grab ya when you least expect it.

  • At least Sale got back-to-back ASG starts with 2 different teams. Gluteus Maximus orifice.

  • @brooksmd Yeah, but cryiing 😪Chris Sale got his 5 minutes of fame early for da Red Sox lovers. They go to bed early in bean town, like nine-thirty or farty…

  • So since they’re not playing for home 🏠 field in the WS, who has the advantage this year?

  • @brooksmd u guys need me 24-7?

  • @globaljaybird Wasn’t aware they changed that. What happen, NL complain cause AL wins too much?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah, we need a woman to keep us organized.

  • @globaljaybird Winning players each get $20,000 bonus. Pretty good incentive.

  • I can see MLB making another change to give hitters a bit more advantage in ASG. All these power hitters going 0 for at the plate is not what crowd wants to see.

  • @brooksmd Yeah would pay for one ☝️ of their brain fart 💨 fines… Collective bargaining agreement changed format to give home field advantage to the team with best record. Least that’s what gaggle said. Ho hum for the ASG I guess.

  • Like to see Moose homer.

  • @brooksmd Don’t go away MOOSE gets to face Wade Davis in top of the 10th… Stage is set.

  • @globaljaybird Yeah, MLB figured since average salary per game is about $24,000, paying a $20,000 bonus for winning ASG would be bigger incentive than WS home field advantage.

  • @brooksmd Game set match bro. Off to the showers for this old geezer. GN

  • brooksmd said:

    All these power hitters going 0 for at the plate is not what crowd wants to see.

    There was a lot of scoring in the Celebrity and Legends Softball game last night. Plus, Andre Dawson and Tim Raines hit HRs for a little trip down Expos memory lane. And, Jennie Finch is one of the prettiest retirees you will ever see!

  • @mayjay That celebrity game was more fun than tonight’s game.

  • Hers a link to MOOSE’S tribute to his Mom during the STAND UP.


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