Moose and Home Run Derby

  • Any comments on who the winner will be tonite? I’m calling anyone but Judge.

  • Moose goes OFF!

  • I’m wishing anyone but Judge… but i dunno… :) Cody Bellinger has been pretty incredible, I’ll go with Bellinger

    Bellinger => 257 career AB 25 HR = 1 HR / 10.28 AB Judge => 385 career AB 34 HR = 1 HR / 11.32 AB

    But I’m hoping Moose. He’s locked in, and these rookies may just wilt under the bright lights

  • Alright come on Moose… getting in a groove. Started off upper cutting now the line drives working.

  • Ok now that looks like Moose is out I’ll root for Giancarlo Stanton, hometown hero.

  • @brooksmd started to late! I’m blaming the pitching and You! Where have u been?👀

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No, Royals just dissed by MLB. When Moose called his TO the timekeeper was very slow costing Moose about 5 seconds. Second diss is Sale getting the start over Vargas.

  • Moose gave a good effort. His BP pitcher did him no favors.

  • Come on Bour. Knock out Judge.

  • @approxinfinity I really thought Bour put up enough to intimidate and fluster the rookie. Now we’ll have to see how his arms hold up. Probably feel like spaghetti by now.

  • @brooksmd me too. My kids thought I was crazy when I said Bour might need a couple more.

  • This Sano kid looks good. I haven’t even seen a Twins highlight let alone a game.

  • @approxinfinity BIG dude.

  • Yeah these guys are monsters. They make Moose look small.

  • Pretty impressed by Bellinger with his stature hanging with these giants.

  • Don’t think Bellinger will give Judge any competition. Unfortunately.

  • Yeah me neither. Too bad. Judge probably has at least 20 lb of muscle on him.

  • Judge made that look easy. Plus 2 over 500 ft.

  • Judge is a smart kid. Recruited by ND, UCLA and Stanford as a tight end but chose baseball. Longer career with that choice.

  • That was amazing. God I hate the Yankees. They drafted him in 2013. I was worried it was the compensation pick #33 for the Nats signing Rafael Soriano but looks like it was the compensation pick for the Indians signing Nick Swisher #32. Why oh why did everyone let the Yankees reload their farm system when they were down?

  • Dang, Sano seems to have lost it.

  • Geez, only needed 2 minutes to beat what Sano took 4:30 to do.

  • Ricky Henderson the best leadoff hitter still hitting leadoff hr’s.

  • Loved Andre “The Hawk” Dawson. Took him awhile to finally join a good team instead of those Montreal whatevers.

  • @brooksmd ha. Yeah it felt really weird adding the names of Gary Carter and Andre Dawson on the commemorative ring at Nationals Park. Yes, we were once the Expos… but the Expos had their own swag, the cool logo and colors and Canadian thing going on, and we were just this redundantly named national league team. Always an Expo / Cub. Plus, Washington lost teams that became the Twins and the Rangers. I think we just wanted a fresh start but here were these baseball greats whose legacy should not be lost because their team left town. Of course I’m sure the Mets and Cubs would gladly own their respective legacies.

  • The story I heard about Dawson was he knew he had to get off artificial turf to save his knees and told the Cubs to send him a blank contract for him to sign and they could fill in the numbers. At least for the first year. Class and classic ballplayer.

  • Wow! Aaron Judge is a stud! 6’8" 280lbs that’s a lot of baseball player. 4 hrs over 500 ft. Won with 2 minutes + bonus time remaining. 2 hrs waved off because he hit the roof. And he seems to be a stand up guy. Too bad he’s a Yankee!

  • @approxinfinity Lol see where hatred gets you lol. That’s my boy - - - made it look easy. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 lol. He was impressive. Under sky high expectations and intense scrutiny from the haters he delivered. I am just disappointed the Yankees can already say “A Rod who?” There were supposed to be dark ages…

  • @jayballer54 I knew you had something to do with him being so good! Sorry, just kidding. He was amazing!

  • @approxinfinity Oh we have went through our dark ages for about the last 4-5 yrs, but made some unbelievable trades and was loaded in the fam system. - -If you remember the Yankees became a really old ball club for this stretch had to trade and develop the farm talent - -still think they are a year maybe two away. - People how has the inside say they thought it would be another year - -maybe came early - -but I think not, but still with him and Sanchez and then the Vet Matt Holiday and Sterling Castro and some of the other young hitters. - -At least they kept me entertained through the 1st half of a very long season – Still think next year - - - -READY for KU football lol - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay Nope lol, if I was involved he would be hitting 130 and zero home runs lol - -the guy is a monster lol - - - if they have him and then get Greg Byrd back which actually had a monster spring camp then got hurt, put him and Judge, Holiday, Sanchez and Castro and the other young hitters may do ok. Still think they are a year away. - can’t take any credit lol wis I could, ready for KU football - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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