What I did on my Summer vacation by Svi Mykailiuk

  • European U20 for Ukraine - Mid July in Crete.

    Exhibition with Jayhawks in Rome early August.

    FIBA European Championship Mid-Late August in Isreal and Turkey.

    Self tells us this after stating again that Vick has shown the most improvement this summer. Svi will make some $$ after next year. I am very glad he is a Jayhawk. We all thank you for coming back for your senior year.


  • @wrwlumpy thanks for the link and update

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  • @wrwlumpy Man that sounds like all sorts of fun to me. Some folks on here don’t like him playing for Ukraine ( Injury risk and away from the camps that the other hawks are doing together) but i think anytime he can be playing is a chance to improve and being able to play with the team this year in Italy unlike the World University Games in 2015 helps. Plus its gotta be tough for him being half the world away from his friends and family for 11 months of the year. I’m he has grown accustom to Lawrence, but I bet it still can be tough at times.

  • He will be playing against much better competition than any he could face in the summer here. He will get plenty of playing time and valuable experience. A win-win situation.

  • Mighty hard to believe that Svi is just turning twenty! He has really spent much of his teen years growing up in Lawrence. We are fortunate that he chose to stick around playing NCAA ball for this last eligible season. He and Vick are a very experienced pair, returning this school year to share that 3 position. Comforting to know that positions 1,2,3 are occupied by such experienced and gifted athletes. Now lots of coaching focus can be placed on developing the 4, 5 guys, adjusting their roles in Bill Self’s ever changing dynamics. We need one more of our new guards to step up big time for relief minutes, then be available and experienced to help lead the future 2018-19 returning squad.

  • @wrwlumpy I think Vick starts, and Svi becomes our 6th man.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    @wrwlumpy I think Vick starts, and Svi becomes our 6th man.

    It will be interesting to see what fits best in the lineup.

    Vick has the athletic ability and intangibles that extend plays (hustle rebounds) and with Graham/Newman cemented in the lineup his different element might be what is needed.

    Svi obviously spreads the floor with his shooting and has shown more aggressive ability to drive in his junior year.

    The deciding factor is who can be a better defender for me. Both of them left a lot to be desired on that end. If one of them can show improved defensive ability I think Self will have to start that one.

    Regardless no team in the nation has the collection of wing talent that KU has

  • @BeddieKU23 Right, our wing talent is again the best in the country – include Graham and talk about our collection of talent 1-3, we’re still the best.

    I think Vick starts. Self favored him over Svi it seemed at the end of the season. Vick is simply a freak. The sleeper for KU’s MVP this season? I go with Vick.

  • Unless one of the two really outshines the other, I think it might depend on our opponent as to whom Self throws into the starting lineup. Just another possible change up to keep opposing coaches from structuring defenses. But heck, even as a coveted 6th man, either is bound to play lots and make major impact. Vick might frequently shift to the 2 position more fluidly than Svi, so at times they both might be on the floor effectively.

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