• @Crimsonorblue22 man… My allergies are kicking in. :joy: good work big guy! Making the world a better place.

  • This makes me proud. What a great story!

  • Nice story. The pathetic part is paying transportation charges for multi-millionaire NBA players to participate in the Jayhawk Roundball Classic. Cole being the exception. These guys don’t hesitate to drop thousands of dollars on jewelry, cars, homes bigger than they need, drugs, booze and women but expect a charity to pickup the tab for travel expenses. All the more reason for me to dislike the lesgue.

  • @brooksmd Pollyanna here thinking it’s guys like Sherron and others that don’t play in the NBA that maybe get some help? 🤔💙❤️

  • For quite some time I have been wanting to start a new thread asking fellow Jayhawk fans about their favorite BB player under Self. On the topic I would put Cole as my favorite player for many reasons several of which are highlighted in this story.

    He never had any off court issues while at KU He married his only girlfriend from KU He is always back in Lawrence every summer, at times doing camps He is always encouraging current players, always teaching them

    And reading this story you get to know how big of a heart he has, genuinely fine individual, extraordinary

  • @brooksmd I guess that paying expenses is pretty much standard.

    When my father was a moderator in his church in Ohio in the early 60’s, it hosted a big meeting regarding some type of church/state relations and legal forum or something. He invited a Supreme Court justice (a personal hero) to speak, and of course all travel and hotel/restaurant expenses were covered.

    I remember my father being incredibly p.o.ed when the justice’s secretary sent a second invoice for something like $3.50 to cover cigarettes and a lighter. He never said anything good about the guy again.

    So I can see that it seems cheap if athletes need to be paid a few bucks to go. In reading articles like this, though, just remember that often participants in charity events also make donations or provide additional time attending functions with sponsors and donors.

  • Wow. A shining example of a two people that give back. Awesome.

  • Cole is without a doubt one of the good guys not just in basketball but in all professional sports. One of the things he always said he wanted to do was to be the first in his family to get a college degree. By now he’s is pretty much set financially for life and yet he took on line classes and got his college degree; you have to respect a man with this much character. McLemore seems to be following the same path…they are both great ambassadors for KU.

  • @mayjay Aren’t expenses like that for a charity deductible?

  • Usually, I think, but I would expect that at pro athletes’ income level the deductions might be highly limited. (Off the cuff opinion by someone who never studied tax law!)

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I did say specifically NBA players.

  • @brooksmd ok

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