B-Mac and Selden reunite!

  • B-Mac signing with the Grizz!

  • Oops, well, guess they never officially played on the same team. But I’m sure they shared the court in some scrimmages, so I’m keeping the subject!

  • @chriz no worries - unite as Jayhawks. Now, they do play the same position. Wonder if both can survive there? Who is better?

  • True, maybe the Grizz have small ball in mind? Would love to see them both starting! Unlikely, but who knows.

  • Both bring about the same thing to the table. Kind of weird that they would sign both. I think they can both exist though. Grizzlies are OLD AS DIRT in NBA terms so I think they are looking for high upside guys that are cheap. BMac and Selden are both that.

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