Not sure if we want this here, But it's Basketball

  • Hey guys not sure where to put this but it’s basketball - -it’s KU basketball just not men’s. So if someone wants to move it it’s cool.

    Read where they ranked KU Women’s basketball recruiting 23rd in the Nation for this year 4th in the Big 12 recruiting. Not bad for them They are going to have a lot of new players - some of the new one’s :

    Christala Lyons a 5’5 pg coming from traditional National powerhouse JC Trinity Valley Texas probably the biggest recruit this year for them rated as the 11th best player in Juco ranks

    Brianna Osorio a 5’8 combo coming from the College of Southern Idaho ranked # 47.

    Austin Richardson a 6 ft forward from Johnson Co CC ranked # 49, named MVP of the Jayhawk Conference

    Sarah Boric a 6’5 Center from Koto Varas Bosnia - -spent one season at NC State then North East Okla A&M ranked # 53

    Then the High School kids Bailey Helgren a 6’5 Center, Michaela Wilson a 6’2 from Rayville La, and then Brittany Franklin a 6’5 Center from Plymouth NC

    This is Coach 3rd season just really getting his own players, I think they will be better for sure. - -rated as the 4th best class in the Big 12 Behind Texas 3rd - - - -Baylor 7th- -& WV at # 20 hoping for good things to come. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 The breadth of your interest in all things KU sports always impresses me. Thanks for your posts.

  • @stoptheflop Thank you, I just really like all KU sports, guess just the love of the school. Never attended but still doesn’t matter been long time fan and really impressed with how things in the programs are coming along. - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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