Mayweather v McGregor


    What a spectacle! Will the boarish load mouth get his kester kicked? Or will he beat the woman beater? Neither one will get my $100. I’ll just read about it later.

  • @dylans

    Two truly unlikeable characters. If the fight is controlled to be purely boxing then Maywheater has the edge; if it turns into a brawl the McGregor has a puncher’s chance. The key is that McGregor can fight equally well as a righty or southpaw and it will interesting to see how much it will bother Mayweather or will keep him guessing enough to make him lees effective or even ineffective.

    While the money keeps going up, boxing has now a shadow of the popularity it had in the 60s-80s and MMA is the new kid on the block offering a newer and higher level of brutality that seems to be preferred by a portion of today’s society; the modern version of the old Roman Colosseum. While I still read the results, I don’t actively follow either.

  • I may very well put all of the money I have on Mayweather. I’m not sure you could get better odds on a sure thing if you tried.

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