Royals making it fun again

  • Don’t know if or how long they’ll keep it up but it’s certainly been fun lately with the O really coming alive. Gordo & Esky finding their swing and timely hitting by the entire lineup producing enough runs to support a struggling pitching staff. With 8 runs so far tonite that’s 28 total the last 3 games. Keeping the line moving.

  • @brooksmd and whit!

  • Royals picking up where they left off last night against the Giants and former teammate Cueto. Moose with a solo shot in the 2nd and now Bonifacio (with Merrifield on first) and Cain have gone back-to-back in the 3rd with no outs for a 4 - 0 lead.

  • It is good to see O coming back although the games have been against some of worst teams in NL. I would be encouraged if bats continue to swing well against some of the better teams in AL, starting tonight.

  • R’s doing it again tonite against the Angels. Strahm in his first major league start for the R’s has pitched a great game having gone 5 innings on 68 pitches, giving up 1 run on 3 hits with 3 K’s and 1 walk. The O is backing him up with hr’s by Lorenzo “Raising” Cain and recently revived Gordo who is 3 for 3 needing only a triple for the cycle tonite.

  • Hard to believe this team started so poorly. What a difference from April to June.

  • @brooksmd Clicked it off top of 8th but hoped a 5 run lead would hold. It’s fun watching them again even if the team will be drastically different next year. Nothing stays the same. Am hangin on for at least one more Blue October. Rock Chalk Royals !!

  • @globaljaybird Hey, only 4 games back and still a long way to go. With these guys playing Royal ball now who knows what’s possible.

    BTW, it was great visiting with you, your lovely wife and of course Rascal. You’re like me. When it comes to our partners you and I obviously got the better part of the deal.

  • @brooksmd Very much obliged Mr Brooks-meister, the pleasure was ours. Yeah not many young gals would still work & support a couple old geezers like us. It definitely effects the way I bend with the wind. I’ve a very blessed life.

  • @brooksmd Really weird: Every team in the American league is within 5.5 games in the WC race, but no team in the Nat’l is less than 8 games behind the leaders.

  • Damn, Kennedy pitching his heart out tonite through 6 and the Royals offense seems to have taken the nite off as they have done all season when Kennedy starts. Maybe they figure 2 runs is all he needs but I’m sure he’d appreciate a little more help. Royals 2 - 1 to the bottom of the 7th with Minor on in relief of Kennedy. With Raising Cain’s solo hr tonite he has hit a hr in 3 straight games.

  • Raising Cain with his 2nd solo hr tonite.

  • @brooksmd good thing I have my Lo Cain shirt on tonight!!💙💪⚾️💨💨💨❌2

  • 3 back

  • @Crimsonorblue22 no, 2 1/2 back.

  • @brooksmd They are now …A month ago we were all ready to sell the whole damn team. Amazin what band aides & methylate can do. Man that junk burned on a cut. As kids, we called it red medicine & only allowed it applied in front of da fan… Ouch !

  • @globaljaybird I wasn’t!

  • Geez, I hope the 3 runs Friday and p!?? poor O tonite are just a small bump in the road. Their performance at the plate tonite was 180 out from the past 6 games and pathetic. Just standing there taking good pitches and swinging at crap.

  • @brooksmd 5 run lead may hold up for Vargy today. Twins, Tigers & Sox have all already lost today. Starting to look like Cleveland will be the team to beat for the division. Twins & Indians have another series next weekend in Cleveland.

  • @globaljaybird fun times!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @brooksmd - Tonite a new “Diesel Brothers” on Disc channel build an awesome 😎 Duramax for Miguel Cabrera’s charity & a bullpen UTV for MLB network. Sorry 😐 girl - Definitely gear head tv 📺

  • @globaljaybird Gonna have to tivo it while watching the R’s. Speaking of the R’s:

    You got to know when to hold’em,

    know when to fold’em…K Rogers

  • @globaljaybird yeah, definitely not a gear head💃😉. @brooksmd i don’t want to trade!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 None of us want to break up the team that won a championship but unless these guys decide to forgo their own personal fortunes 🔮 it’s gonna happen. They deserve it, they’ve earned their championship Maximum value is the goal 🥅 for everyone involved. I can’t begrudge anyone for that.

  • Hot damn. Finally Moose beat the defensive shift by putting down a bunt. Do that more often and they’ll forget shift.

  • Drew “hair flip” Butera with a triple and 1 out in 7th, 2 all.

  • @brooksmd 💇🏻‍♂️

  • Whit be da man. 3-2

  • @brooksmd ignore the scissors

  • Need LoCain to park one.

  • @brooksmd don’t even have my lucky Cain shirt on!💙

  • But that’ll work. 4-2 Royals.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 tsk tsk tsk. No wonder he didn’t hit a hr.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @brooksmd ignore the scissors

    Still confused.

  • @brooksmd hair flip

  • Dang good play💪💨💨💨💨💨⚾️

  • WOW!!! Hell of a play by Cuth at 3rd for 3rd out with bases loaded.

  • @brooksmd you do know I’m here?

  • Close😳

  • Looks like Hammel is getting into midseason form. Of course I just cursed him, but that is at least what it looks like.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Of course I know you’re here. Good game, although could’ve done without Tabasco giving up the deep fly balls in the 9th.

  • @brooksmd he’s just not the same!

  • @Kcmatt7 at least we r giving them some runs!

  • Watch for me. I’m about to head over to the K (Tues). I’ll be the sweaty guy wearing the royals shirt eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in the area behind third base dugout.

  • @DanR sounds fun! Catch a ball, start the wave or take off your shirt and beat your chest and we’ll know who you are then! 😱

  • DanR said:

    Watch for me. I’m about to head over to the K (Tues). I’ll be the sweaty guy wearing the royals shirt eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in the area behind third base dugout.

  • DanR said:

    Watch for me. I’m about to head over to the K (Tues). I’ll be the sweaty guy wearing the royals shirt eating a hot dog and drinking a beer in the area behind third base dugout.

    That narrows it down to about what 400-500 people. Well eliminate women and children, we’ll say 150-200. :wink:

  • @brooksmd not if he does the above☝️

  • @globaljaybird were you going to add to it?

  • @brooksmd staying dry?

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