ESPN article posted about LBJ and racial problems

  • Just saw this on ESPN. Some idiots thought it would be a great idea to write some racial slurs on LBJs front gate.


    This is idiotic. When are we again? 1967?
    NO! This is 2017! For F**** sake!

    I’m not a huge fan of Lebron but no one deserves this.
    I think I’ll adjust my feelings toward him from this point on.
    He basically said that if things like this happen to him and it gets the exposure that it does and something good comes from it, then he would be ok with it happening again, just as long as his family remains safe.


  • It’s sad that this type of crap still happens. Lebron seems to have taken a good perspective on it - as long as his family is safe, it shines a light on something that is still a problem area in this country. I hope they catch the idiots that did this.

  • I swear, I was wondering how Lyndon B Johnson was in trouble for racial problems 44 years after his death…

  • Unfortunately in this day and age it is hard to tell the motivation for this type of crap. Many of the recent alleged anti Muslim incidents were found not to be true or created for publicity. I really hope they find whoever did this and throw the book at them.

    Interesting that it took place in Los Angeles, one of the most liberal cities in America. Had it happened in fly over country, it would have been front page news everywhere…after all we are supposed to be the racist red necks and they are the enlightened ones.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I don’t get what this has to do with Fake News about racism against Muslims or perception of racism in Los Angeles. Thats a lot of energy spent on wild speculation about what unspecified groups of people might be thinking, doing, or saying. Exhausting.

    I blame the spin pipe. Allow me to ramble a moment. I watched Tucker Carlson last night. Woof! That guy is some kind of nasty little made up monkey.

    MSNBC is beating Fox in ratings because the truth these days is stranger than fiction. Fox news viewers who used to tune in for their daily dose of sensationalism are jumping over to MSNBC to get a taste of the good stuff. Fox fiction these days is a boring fiction! Trump who? Let’s talk about Hillary.

  • @approxinfinity

    My point was that a lot of what is being reported as fact never happened as it was proven in several widely reported alleged anti Muslim attacks that were made up and never actually happened; the alleged incident is front page news but the retraction is buried on page 35. Same with a lot of alleged acts of racism that were staged for publicity. IMHO, racism is racism regardless of political affiliation.

    We appear to be on opposite sides if the political spectrum so in deference to you, I will not comment on that and try to stay on KU basketball.

  • Well we don’t need to be. We could agree that both parties are a mess that fuel two massive spin engines, warping and polarizing all news stories into two war camps. I like to think I’m not on the spectrum. It just happens to be the Republican business affiliations slinging the most obstructive BS these days.

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