Sad news...

  • I read that Holly Rowe’s cancer has come back. As you know, she has been a fixture during KU games and after her previous bout, the first game she did was the KU-Texas game.

    Let’s pray that she will beat cancer once again and continue coming back to do KU games. She is certainly well liked by KU fans.

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    Hollys avi 😭 She’s a sweetheart, worked really hard to get where she’s at today. Has an excellent story how she fought to make it as a sideline reporter on her own dime in the beginning. Many prayers for a special lady that knows her stuff and can compete w/any guy. 💃 Kick ass holly!

  • Send your Bucket prayers to her Twitter account. One of her friends said that it has returned and it has spread. Her Twitter heading is a picture of her and Frank.

  • Unbelievably sad, I’m lucky to say my mom is still in remission. Cancer is one of the scariest words to me. Holly has been covering KU on ESPN for several years now and it makes us all feel like we know her. Prayers to her and her family!

  • We love you Holly and our thoughts and prayers are for your complete recovery!

  • Holly is the best. One of my favorite memories of my time as a student was Holly interacting with the students and getting to have a couple of conversations with her during warm ups. She is by far my favorite sideline reporter in any sport because of that.

    Hope you kick cancer’s ass again Holly!

  • I hate cancer, Ms. Rowe.

    I loved your finding a way to make something good out of the previously thankless role of sideline reporter.

    You accomplished something few professionals ever get to do.

    You elevated a lesser role to one that now matters.

    Thank you, and do whatever is best for you.

  • jaybate 1.0 said:

    I hate cancer, Ms. Rowe.

    To bad it doesn’t have a face with a big 'old nose on it. I’d love like hell to punch cancer in the face. Lord knows it has all of us in one way or another.

  • Again, the very best of all possible good fortune to you, Holly. Your tv presence brings smiles to fans everywhere. We need you on our sidelines.

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