Just a couple of Jayhawks

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  • Can JoJo clone himself and come back for one more year of eligibility? Dang dang dang…Talk about your twin towers with Doke and JoJo.

  • The shoes look like the FTD florist man. JoJo is having fun.

  • Joel Embiid’s kicks are fire.

    Additionally, it would be awesome to see Josh Jackson and Embiid play together.

  • Sacramento Kings‏Verified account @SacramentoKings · 16h16 hours ago

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    Kansas center @LandenLucas33 will participate in first Kings Pre-Draft Workout

  • @Statmachine What!? Are you kidding!?

    That is stellar news! Gosh I hope he gets in. Landen doesn’t seem like a guy that would get much court time in the NBA to me but I would be proud of him if he made a roster. Seeing that Cole Aldrich and Withey really don’t get off the bench much for their teams, I cant believe that Lando would fare any better. But again, I hope he makes it!!

  • @Lulufulu

    I would love to see Landen in the NBA. Having said that, the Kings are the worst managed team in the League and it is not even close.

  • It would be quite an accomplishment for Landen if he could make an NBA roster. 15 years ago, I would say he was in great shape to do so. Now, I don’t know if he has the defensive ability to guard on the perimeter on switches, or even containing the quicker guards on the hedge.

    That said, Landen will put in the work, so if it’s in his grasp to do it, I have no doubt that he will do it.

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