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  • Guys & whoever else, just sitting back this Sunday morning, I know this has been a touchy item or it was , but just kind of wondering , what has become of the investigation at the Men’s dorm for our boys where the rape was to of taken place and the runaway?

    I just would of thought the public would of heard something more by now. So with the silence does that mean Still no arrest on the rape or suspect/suspects? remember how our men’s team was getting their teeth kicked in by the media & John Q Public? All I heard was how Coach Self and KU was trying to cover it up and it would get tucked away until AFTER the NCAA tourney. Well the tourney ended the first part of April. This BS about self and KU hidings things - by other people across the Nation give me a break.

    It has kind of surprised me a little bit though that nothing more has been said - so does that mean there has been no progress made -again no arrests? - -Sure haven’t seen any KU players names mentioned anymore - -boy hot was that rumor going around, referring back to where they said what 5 KU players were being talked to about being Witness or what the hell ever. How the media and other college idiots were running with that trying to make KU look like dog crap.

    Hmmm sure don’t see that wonderful rag of a newspaper KC Star running any news flashes now - -wonder maybe just MAYBE they have found out that this crime had NOTHING to do with a KU Basketball player directly and so now it’s not news for them since they can’t try and drag the boys through the mud anymore?

    Don’t get me wrong I want to see justice done, just curious that’s all as what’s going on with these cases Guess we may never know. I understand they might not have anything new, that’s possible BUT I have a hard time believing that no arrests have Been made yet. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @DanR makes me vomit! I hope it’s not our kids!

  • Here is a report of the 911 call. Looks like the incident started at 10:00 PM and, if I recall correctly, we figure out in a previous thread ha the players did not get to the building until after 11:30 PM.

    Interesting that the person that made the call identified himself as a Resident Assistant and yet he would not even go to the hallway to see what was happening. When I was in college and living in a dorm, the RAs were the law and they would have been there making sure things did not escalate…oh how things have changed.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    People just don’t want to get involved. @jayballer54 had a similar question on the Penn State thread he started. People just are afraid to speak up and say something isn’t right. We have seen that over and over. If something doesn’t personally hurt that individual, or if speaking out might not be personally advantageous, people, even adults in leadership, more often than not will choose to stay silent.

    There was a time when people had courage - real courage. Not fighting in a war courage. I’m talking about the kind of courage that allows you to stand up and say something is wrong even if the person that is doing the thing you don’t like is powerful, or popular, or whatever. We see more people that would rather just stay quiet and hope the problems don’t find them. That’s a sad reality.

  • @justanotherfan

    I guess what I was trying to say is…why wasn’t the RA on the hallway figuring out what was going on? Isn’t this his job? With cell phones it is even easier now.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I agree totally. But he didn’t want to confront whomever it was. He knew it was his job to do “something” so he called the police. He didn’t want to have to get personally involved, so he didn’t go into the hallway.

  • @justanotherfan likely the RA was following protocol to give the KU cops a heads up.

    Next year when any yahoo can carry on campus, everyone can just whip out their guns and shoot it out

  • @justanotherfan

    This is what I meant in my original post when I said the times have changed. When I lived in a dorm, the RA was there settling arguments, breaking up fights, knocking on the door of the room with the loud stereo and helping out students with problems, both school related and personal . If this is not the job of the RA, then what is? You would think that in a dorm with only 40 students, half of them high profile athletes with no desire to get into trouble and the other half non-traditional, older students far removed from the rowdier crowds, the job would be easier and going out on the hallway to find out the cause of the noise would be fairly safe. Like I said…oh how times have changed.

  • If he hadn’t called its very likely there would be no punishment for the crime. At least he did that. I wonder how many residents heard the commotion and did nothing?

  • It was the beginning of break, but a lot of the kids are international kids too. Worries me. Why so long and why are they with holding the suspects name? If I remember the tour I think the bb kids are on the 3rd floor too.

  • @DanR I spell it yayhoo, but WTH it’s da same lingo… Yeeeeaaaah!!

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