KUBuckets Slack - New Chat Tool

  • Hey guys. As I said I would, I set up an instance of Slack for our board, and you’re all invited! If you guys are interested in checking it out, please drop in poke around, and say hi. Use a fake name if you want. I did!


    (after you join, the url to go back is simply https://kubuckets.slack.com)

    Slack is the hottest messaging tool on the internet, going for $0 to $3.8billion valuation over the last couple years, because it’s really great for what it does. It is a great tool for collaboration and I’ve used it extensively for work and for personal groups. I really like it for chat.

    I’m not by any means suggesting that this should replace our nodebb board.

    I’m just setting it up for fun to play with, and possibly to use for gamechats, as it really is best for chatting in large groups, small groups, or individually, but falls short when posting long posts discussing things in greater depth.

    Also, as a free instance, there is a limit to the number of messages slack will preserve. Don’t expect any message on there to be permanent! They WILL go away. And we’re not paying for an instance. Costs too much.

    Anyway, check it out! It’s really really cool for chat. And if you have any questions, holler away, either here or there.

  • I’m adding a couple extensions. /giphy /poll and /hangouts for starters.

  • Buehler?

  • Great idea! I’m in for the next event provided I’m available…

  • @bskeet right on man. I’ll be on tonight at 6:30 for the Celtics game. At grocery store now. Will hop on when home.

  • I can’t keep up with all this stuff. I suppose I’ll figure it out next hoops season when we’re chatting there.

  • @wissox come on buddy :) if you’re watching that wiz game don’t be a stranger

  • @approxinfinity Sorry, no NBA games for me. Maybe the finals.

  • Sorry I missed you- was out to dinner here…

  • No worries man. Catch you another time on there.

  • Bump. You guys should sign up to our slack so we can easily spin up game threads over there with a critical mass

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