Ty Berry

  • 2020 PG from Newton. Electric. Already has KSU and Creighton offers. KU should offer soon.

    Local talent for 19/20 is legit.

  • @BShark I’ll have to check him out

  • @BShark a friend of mine was a coach last year in newton

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @BShark a friend of mine was a coach last year in newton

    Insider info!

  • So, for his twitter pic he uses a graphic made my Matt Scott. Can’t be a bad sign I’d say.

  • I like his touch. Still too early to assess his athleticism and skills for a D1 stage, but I like what I see so far!

  • @BShark

    Solid x-axis. Good shooting, passing. Challenged Y-axis. No lift on drives or shot. Can Hudy give him 6 more inches of vertical.

  • @drgnslayr really good baller,

  • teebee10 said:

    @drgnslayr really good baller,

    Hello. Are you related? I hope this kid is a Hawk!

  • Hope to see him play this year!

  • I’ll get to see the buhler and hutch game!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I will be going to both of them games too

  • Had 26 pts and 13 rebounds last night from the point guard position

  • Who did u play?

  • @teebee10 great job!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 they played Valley Center .

  • The ranking fools at 247 are sleeping, Ty Berry isn’t ranked there. I hope he is one of KU’s top targets in 2020 along with Nfaly Dante and RJ Hampton. That is of course if kids still have to go to college. If they don’t, RJ and Dante probably never play a second of college ball.

    KU has a lot of strong connections with elite 2020 guards*, I wonder how many guards KU will take in that class.

    *In addition to Berry who is in state, Adam Miller’s mom went to HS with Jerrance Howard and Bryce Thompson’s dad played for Self at Tulsa.

  • This far out 2020 looks very interesting. And from the looks of it KU might have some “in’s” without having to do to much.

  • I am struggling to evaluate him. He has good skills, but I can’t decide if he will be athletic enough to be effective in college.

    He’s still young enough to grow, but at his size, I’m just not sure. I need to see how explosive he is this year.

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    And from the looks of it KU might have some “in’s” without having to do to much.

    Always nice. Adam Miller is 1000000% a KU level player. I think Berry is too.

  • @BShark Ty is about 6"4 right now and is long and athletic with unbelievable ball handling skills and he is still growing, probably will be 6"6 or 6"7 his senior year

  • @teebee10 Good to know. Rivals and the like all have him at 6’1’’ or 6’2’’.

  • @BShark He is a legit 6"4, plays Maize tomorrow, I am interested to see how he does, he had 41 on them last year as a freshman

  • Being 6-4 definitely changes his prospect profile in my mind. If he does grow to 6-6 or so, thats a huge bonus because he has on ball skills and good shooting mechanics.

    Still interested in seeing how he progresses this year. With a good year, I think KU offers late Spring

  • @teebee10 Had 28 points in 3 quarters against Maize tonight didn’t play in the 2nd quarter got his 3rd foul early in that quarter

  • @justanotherfan I agree

  • I wonder what Ty’s wingspan is? A long wingspan really helps on D. Or holds a guy like Svi back. I’d be willing to bet a 6’4” Ty already has the same 6’5” wingspan of 6’8” Svi.

  • Ty just dropped 30 tonight on Buhler

  • @teebee10 I was there. I actually talked to him, briefly before game. His sister is pretty good too. Boys game was ugly. Were you there?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No, but his dad was there, I am good friends with his dad, how did Ty look

  • @teebee10 I just get updates from his dad, when I can’t make it up there, yes his sister is pretty good too, so is his older brother Tevin, their dad Tony has put a lot of work into all of his kids to get them where they are at today, especially Ty , he had Ty playing competitive basketball ever since Ty was 5 years old

  • @teebee10 he’s definitely talented, would have more assists if his team was better. Had some nice passes but they didn’t finish. He got to the rim and made a lot of free throws. I thought buhlers coach did a poor job considering they lead by quite a bit and he didn’t reign the kids in. Buhlers big guy had his best game, blocked a lot of newtons shots. Newtons big didnt play to well. How many throws did ty have? I don’t think he missed. I hope to see him play at hutch too. He was very nice!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah, I heard that he was 16/17 from the free throw line and had 16 of his 30 points all in the 4th quarter.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Do I detect, correctly, that, word for word, you are again engaged in merry making?

  • @REHawk

    I’m always pretty merry and Xmas brings out the Yule cheer, but I didn’t see much vertical on the Js, or ambidexterity out side the first second in the feed. Did I miss something?

    Everyone is pretty positive about him. I’m open to persuasion by THE COACH as always!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Come now, bate, don’t be for slipping behind shades of the two merry Os: obtuse or oblique…

  • @REHawk

    Sorry Coach, but I do not follow you.

  • He’s grown a lot since that video in may!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Great news!!!

    I look forward to him being a fine addition, if he were to honor us with attending!

  • I watched some of his highlights from this season. He’s definitely taller, although it doesn’t look like he’s gained much weight as he’s grown. He’s only a sophomore though, so that should come. He still needs to work on his leg strength/stamina/explosiveness (had a dunk he almost missed, and another one blocked against Buhler), but that should also come with time and some work in the weight room. He’s still pretty lanky, so he can add the strength as he matures.

    His shooting stroke has remained clean as he has grown, which is always important. Some kids lose their mechanics when they start growing, but his motion looks consistent with what I saw in the past, which is excellent since he was already a good shooter. Muscle memory has stayed intact as he has gotten taller.

    The handle is solid. He’s taller now, so he needs to tighten it up a bit if he’s going to stay at the point in college, otherwise he will get moved to the wing to take advantage of his shooting ability. He has good hands and anticipation on defense, but its hard to say how that holds up in college against guys that won’t make some of the outright mistakes that average HS players make. He reads the floor well, though so he should be easy to teach collegiate defensive concepts.

    I don’t have a very good read on his end to end speed. I just can’t find a highlight that shows him in an outright dribble sprint from this season. He has good habits as he’s pushing the ball up the floor (eyes up, scanning). Some of the lack of sprinting may simply be that he has to play at a speed that his teammates can also play at, which shows good understanding of the game and his role.

    I’d like to see him against some other good guards, but I don’t know that his league has any D1 level guards in it - Ben Pyle (McPherson) is a wing at the next level, Dylan Vincent (Eisenhower) is a fringe D1 talent. Just not a lot of chances to really compare him to the types of players he will see at the next level. It’d be nice if Newton had some Wichita City League teams on the schedule, but that’s not in the cards.

    If I were evaluating him based on what I’ve seen so far (freshman highlights, game highlights from three games this year), I’d mark him as has potential, but incomplete, needs follow up because I just don’t have a good read on some of his skills from the highlights. If I were scouting him, I would definitely do an in person myself, and recommend a second opinion in person by someone else on staff.

  • @justanotherfan Remember that Ty played some of the best guards in the country this past summer on the under armour circuit this past summer in new York, LA, Indianapolis, and ATL, and average over 20 points a game , he ate them cats , they couldn’t stay in front of him, and when they back off of him he will bust a 3 pointer on them, he’s a really tough guard, and I saw him in person about 2 weeks ago and he has a lot more muscle to his frame that you think. He is constantly in the weight room lifting, so your concept of playing good talented guards I disagree with… Sorry

  • @teebee10

    I noticed in your profile that you’ve only been on the board for a few months, so first, welcome aboard.

    I used to do some amateur scouting with some friends of mine. Nothing serious, just evaluating players we saw from time to time. Every now and then, I evaluate highlights of different guys that KU is recruiting here. Generally, no one on these boards really knows those players, so it isn’t a big deal one way or another. You can see some of that here, here, or here for Billy Preston, Marcus Garrett and Silvio De Sousa.

    What I am doing is nothing personal against Ty. I don’t know him personally. He seems to be a good person off the court from things I’ve heard other people say, and he’s certainly a talented sophomore player.

    As I noted, if I were evaluating him, based on what I have seen, that’s what I would have in my report - I would want to do an in person, and I would want a follow up. From a scouting perspective, a follow up in person viewing is basically gold. Scouts don’t bother to do an in person if they don’t see talent. I see talent, certainly.

    I saw his highlights. Ty is a skilled player, but Ty doesn’t have the eyepopping athleticism of a guy like John Wall or Derrick Rose at the point coming out of HS. Granted, those guys were coming out of HS and Ty is still just a sophomore.

    Now obviously, Ty is more than two years away from college. He could put on 30 pounds of muscle in the next couple of years without any problem, and not lose any agility while adding explosiveness and power.

    If I were a scout, I would want to do an in person, and get a second opinion on what someone else thought of his skill and athleticism. He can play. He’s a D1 recruit. But can he be productive at KU? That’s a completely different question.

  • @justanotherfan Ok, I see where you are coming from, but if you see this kid play a few games in person, I am quite sure your opinion would change. For some reason people don’t give Kansas high basketball the respect that it deserves. Jeremiah Earl Robinson, Zach Harvey, and Ty Berry can play with anyone in the country, But I do see what you are saying

  • @teebee10

    You certainly make a good point about those guys being able to hang. I would add one other name to that list - KT Raimey, also with the KC Run GMC program.

    I will admit to one thing - it is very hard to evaluate Kansas kids based on their HS program because many of the top players just don’t face off. For instance, it would be awesome to see Zach Harvey and Ty Berry match up, but because Newton is 5A and Hayden is 4A, that matchup probably never happens. Same with KT Raimey and those guys, since Olathe East is a 6A school. Perry Ellis and Willie Cauley-Stein never matched up even though they were both at 6A schools. You just don’t get to see the top players in Kansas face off most of the time because the shorter schedule (just 20 regular season games) limits regular season matchups, and because Kansas is big geographically but small population wise, the top players are often spread out and never play each other through their entire HS careers.

  • I hope it works out that KU lands Berry and Raimey. I like both of their games at this point.

  • @teebee10 when does newton play at hutch?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Newton plays Hutch on Feb 13 at Hutch, but they play Hutch at Newton on January 2nd

  • Ty was at the game last night. 😀

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