• I listen to podcasts almost exclusively while driving around each day. Which do you enjoy? Non KU or KU is ok for here.

    Sports related: Only a Game David Feherty (same as TV show, but no commercials)

    KU’s podcast with Jessey Newell

    Non Sports The Moth- Story telling podcast

    Fresh Air

    Live in concert from NPR

    WGN The Nick Digilio Show

    The Gospel Coalition

    Hidden Brain


    Radio Lab Excellent stuff on this one.

    Austin Stone Church (preaching)

    Timothy Keller (preacher)

  • Banned

    CBS podcast with Garry Parrish is a good CBB one.

    Pod Save America is another good one if you’re feeling politics. Left leaning, just an fyi. But interesting and entertaining.

    Pardon My Take always has good guests on.

  • Ninety Nine Percent Invisible is my go to. It’s the gold standard in terms of podcasts imo. I also like Damned Interesting.

  • Also for gardening purposes Dan Carlin’s hardcore history is good. It’s highly redundant but that’s ok if you’re half tuned in anyway.

  • @approxinfinity I’m enjoying the 99% podcast. Quite informative on varieties of things I’d never guess I’d be interested in.

  • @wissox excellent! Made my day. I’ve listened to all of them up to 251. Looks like it’s time to binge again!

  • @approxinfinity So you’ve listened to 100% of the 99% podcast and I’ve listened to >1%of the 99% podcast.

  • lol

  • @approxinfinity Another podcast I’ve begun to enjoy is Generationwhy. It’s kind of a morbid themed podcast as it focusses on crimes usually, but they’re usually high profile crimes which makes it more interesting.

  • Nice I’ll check it out.

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