I Found Us a Point Guard

  • Maybe we can get him qualified early.

  • Right now he is showing 100% Arkansas lol. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • they have him ranked # 204 in player rankings right now - So think he might have a little room to improve lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I aint smart enough, and nothing truer has ever been written here, I aint smart enough to understand why a 7’3" guy with decent ball handling skills like this young man does isn’t the #1 most sought after person in the country. I am smart enough to see the video and see he looked maybe a little slow, so that’s probably something, but I’m still not smart enough to know why a team with a 7’3" guy just doesn’t throw it to him every time. I’m definitely smarter than Matt Painter because their 7’2" guy was scoring every time he touched the ball and they stopped throwing it to him and we won by 30.

    Cal Irvine, I looked it up, had NCAA’s tallest team ever last season (I think KU played them) Had 7’6, 7’3, 7’2", 6’10, 6’8" starting lineup. Seems like they ought to be able to beat the Golden State Warriors for goodness sakes, but I’m not smart enough.

  • If most of your highlights are shooting set shots, then it probably doesn’t matter if you’re 5’ 3" or 7’ 3".

    The kid has the mobility of a maple tree.

  • Wonder if he can dunk? Think hudy could help him?

  • @DanR That’s probably why they have him ranked # 204 lol, I seen him as one of several players that was playing at the EBYL , has A WAYS to go. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • As much as I love LL this was most of his issue, he was not athletic enough to play d1 ball. This kid looks slower than he did. Size is great but you have to have some athletic ability to play at this level, that 7’6 guy for Cal Irvine wasn’t skilled whatsoever. They would pass it in to him and we would double him, then get a steal because he didn’t move the ball or make a decision of what he was going to do very fast. I’ll take a 6’9 kid that has athletic ability and foot work over a tree that just stands and cant run the floor.

  • Sometimes really small guys can outplay really tall guys.

    I’m thinking back on Gonzaga, and 7’1", 300 lb, Karnowski.

    I want a guy shorter than 6’ shooting in on him when he catches it in the low post. I want my 5’-something guy never to look up. I want him to attack Karno “from the ball… down.” So if Karno holds the ball, tie him up. If he dribbles, my 5’+ guy better be stealing that ball right in front of his eyes! Meanwhile, Karno has to dribble the ball a long vertical length… ball traveling from his hand to the floor back to his hand. That is a lot of distance. He should never be able to put the ball on the floor or bring the ball down. I don’t care how big he is… unless he is standing right below the rim, he is going to have a hard time scoring!

    This “moment” is for @wissox … to point out the “not-so-obvious!”

  • Unfortunately, as many have observed, this kid lacks mobility. He can get away with that in HS, but a 6-7 college guy like Jamari Traylor would probably own him just because of his lack of quickness and agility. He’s a project that may be productive as a third year sophomore.

  • Remember this is a highlight video that shows the best plays he made all year but in between, I bet there are a lot of bone headed plays as well. Having said that…you can’t teach height so he has something already that very few people have; the question is…can you teach him how to use that height?

  • jayballer54 said:

    Right now he is showing 100% Arkansas lol. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

    He also doesn’t have a KU offer.

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