Royals vs Rangers -- Game 3

  • Battle between the 2 worse offensive teams in the AL. Rangers BA is .205 and Royals .210. And the stat the Royals have been so good at the past few years, scoring with runners in scoring position, their BA is somewhere in the neighborhood of .195.

    Royals finally break into the scoring column, it’s tied 1 all. I’ll be back later.

  • After 8 still tied 1 all.

  • Royals put up a goose egg in the top of the 9th.

  • Rangers with a walk-off single. GN and ttfn

  • Royals offense is beyond pathetic, it needs a shake up. I feel so sorry for Kennedy, the guy has pitched so well but his record is 0-2 with two no decisions.

  • Royals - 3rd best ERA in MLB. Least runs scored, worst batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage. Dale has about one week to right the ship or it is time he gets the boot. A .206 through 18 games is ridiculous. Honestly, Ned needs to sit Hosmer, Gordo and Moss for a solid week and let them just get mentally right again.

  • Only bright side to this slump is that if we get down by enough games and early enough we can unload our pitchers, Cain and Moose while they are hot for an absurd haul. I actually expect us to drop way back down in payroll next year. Here is what I expect

    • Vargas - $8.5M - Trade
    • Hammel - $5m - Trade
    • Kennedy - $16.5m - Trade
    • Moose - $8.7m - Trade
    • Cain - $11m - Trade
    • Chris Young - $8.5m - Free Agent
    • Escobar - $6.5M - Free Agent
    • Mike Minor - $4M- Free Agent
    • Omar Infante - $8m - finally comes off the books

    That leaves plenty of room to resign Hosmer if we choose to. I personally wouldn’t at this point… He isn’t worth much more than the $12.2M he is making this year. I hope we move him at the deadline.

    Next Year’s most likely lineup:

    • C - Salvy
    • 1B - O’Hearn
    • 2B - Whit
    • 3B - Cuthbert
    • SS- Mondesi
    • LF - Gordo
    • CF - ?
    • RF - Soler/Dozier
    • DH - Moss

    Pitching Staff:

    • Duffy
    • Wood
    • Karns
    • ?
    • ?

    The nice thing is that there are some really nice pieces to build on. What we need is to make some great trades for pieces that will be MLB ready in 2018.

    Potential trades to look for:

    • Moose to Redsox, Nationals
    • Cain to the Pirates/Mets/Dodgers/Marlins/Yankees
    • Vargas to Cubs/Nationals/Yankees - To get a 2nd lefty in the rotation
    • Hammel to Cubs/Mets/Marlins/Yankees
    • Kennedy to Yankees

  • @Kcmatt7 I’d like to see him bring up the AAA team and send these guy all down for a week or 2.

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