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  • So, done!

  • Yea. Jayhawk football is on the rise. RCJHF

  • Just read off the LJW - -that we just had a graduate transfer coming to Kansas - -will be eligible this year.

    Zach Hannon a 6 ft 5 - -315 lb OL former Nebraska Cornhusker - -Graduating in May and coming to KU. A 3 star coming out of high school. - -had Arkansas - - Colorado - -K-State - - Missouri offers and some others coming out of high school. - -Can always use extra OL. - --ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Thanks for the update. Great news. Another big body on the offensive line will be very helpful. I’m still getting that vibe that good things are going to happen this year, not three years from now. RCJHF

  • @stoptheflop Were getting there. Slowly but surely, every time I think about it , you know I’m right at 63 yrs old and when I think about it I’m not sure I EVER remember the program as low as it was. Even back in the day when K-State and us played in what people called the futility and we play to a 3-3 tie - -THAT was UGLY, and it almost seems the recent past has been worse then that.

    I really believe we have the Coach - - the staff that is going to get this turned , I/we all have seen improvement , just have to remember baby steps - -we didn’t get to where we were at in a month or year it took a couple of really bad Coaches - -which resulted in REALLY bad years - - you’ve heard the phrase crawl before you walk?

    Well I think we have taken our first steps - and NO it is Katie bar the door . NOW as long as we can get a little more production - -a couple of more wins - -keep climbing the hill -like the old Coach use to say -KEEP CHOPPIN WOOD , I think we are on the right track, just got to keep people in check so they will continue to have some patience, like I said this didn’t get in this shape over night and were not gonna get it fixed over night.

    The or one of the BIG KEYS now is we had such a promising stat to the recruiting for NEXT year, now the key is to hang onto those verbals, I posted in another thread feeling kind of shaky on our star wide receiver recruit out of Louisiana hoping he stays with his verbal but at this point it’s a crap shoot., SO the next thing is to get this commits and hang on to them, and that all comes from the Coaches doing their job making the sell and the recruits seeing results in the W colum. - -I think we are right there, if we get a couple of these higher profile recruits to come and we start winning then that in turn is going to get other higher profiles to take a look and thinking - - -hmmmm what’s going on there? - -Maybe I would like to be a part of that, were getting there slowly but surely and getting these so be it transfers grad transfers it’s all good the more the better. - -Better days ahead. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • What purple cat system will never have: farm boy Oline (yes) but coupled with SEC caliber WRs, as KU does now (Quiv from aTm and the Alabama transfer).

    We just added Nebr farmboy, 3star, grown man.

    Coaching and playcalling and schemes likely have grown and evolved with experience also.

  • Well just read of LJW. KU is in the recruitment of verbal LSU commit Kelvin Joesph.

    Joesph a 4 star corner back out of Baton rouge ranked # 39 by rivals tweeted out that he was going to visit 3 schools. - - Alabama - - Florida State, & KU. - -as we know that’s Coach hull territory, so even though he has given verbal to LSU - says he still wants to visit here. Sure this doesn’t mean a lot, BUT just to be mentioned in the same breath as one of three schools he is still looking at along with Alabama, & Florida St like the article say - - -speaks volumes as to the progress that KU Beaty and staff are making. right?- - never say never right? We shall see.

    Then also another possible recruit we made his top 7 on his list. A 3 star Defensive Tackle out of Bradenton Florida - - Josh walker. His top 7 list is: - - Arizona, Minnesota , Nebraska, North Carolina, Rutgers, Wake Forest & KU.

    He has as reported by rivals offers from: - - Michigan State, California, Norte dame, Pitt, & UCLA. - -So if we could work magic with him sounds like a pretty solid player. Rivals has us as the 20th ranked recruiting class right now. - If we could get these two to some how commit I’m sure we would rise a little. - Can’t help but get excited with what this staff is doing the time and effort they putting in to get this program turned around. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • And that’s the twentieth ranked class in the nation, not the big 12!

  • @dylans Yeppers. we just got to hang on to the one’s we already have and then if we can get a couple more like mentioned her be really sweet. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well I see we added to our 2018 class. - -Zach Burks, former player out of Olathe North who is at Coffeyville Juco right now will be coming in 2018. - - 6’3 - -290 DL so they still getting after it.

    Also read where we offered 2019 CB - -Gregory Brooks v- out of Jefferson Harvey in Louisiana 5’11 170, we was his first power 5 offer talked about how excited and blessed he was to receive the offer - -And talk about coach Hull his others offers right now I guess have been Tulane & Memphis - -BUT has been hearing from Louisiana State - – TCU – & Mississippi State so far – -you know this is the very beginning - so Coach Hull gonna have to stay on him - -He talked about wanting to come up to a KU Camp put in the work and who knows maybe that Louisiana pipe line continue - -fingers crossed . - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY- –

  • Following our offers going out ALOT of 2018-19 offers being made in La - Texas especially.

    Kind of confused, checked on different sites. On one says Kelvin Joesph - -out of Baton Rouge - -a real stud - -DB ,6 ft 185 – Has a visit sit up for KU , - -suppose to be the # 1 recruit coming out of Louisiana. Going to be a hard pull but says encouraging that he has KU on one of his first 3 visits. - - KU - -Alabama - -& Florida St.

    But then I see on another site he is a LSU commit - -anyone know? - -Is he a commit but still looking at other options? -What?

    The we are getting a visit June 9-11th from a Juco DT - - 6’3 310. Jonathan Lolohea – sounds pretty sweet.

    TCU , Wash St, KSU , Ariz , Col , Col St , Mary , Iowa St - -think we got a shot for sure. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well read an article about Devonta Jason in the LJW this afternoon rivals updated and Devonta is now s FIVE STAR WR. - -he has jumped from being ranked the 35th best player up the # 22 ranked player in the Nation.

    Says this is the first ever five star Ku has gotten a commitment from . - -Although he hasn’t signed yet. - -And a lot thinking he won’t stick , but a comment said that he and Coroine Harris are pretty strong about KU on twitter, feeling is chances are Harris jumps in rankings also. - -I have this feel maybe that with their connection with Coach Hull and then on top of That with Lee being here and seeing how he fit in I think just maybe they might stick.

    If they do think about the future possibilities in the future I know the staff is hitting Louisiana really hard New Orleans - - -Baton Rouge area, Georgia - -Texas - -Alabama really working the south.- -Keeping fingers crossed. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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