Angels vs Royals -- Game 3

  • Was too busy to do a thread, but great performance by Kennedy going 8 innings and only giving up 2 hits. Unfortunately he didn’t get the win cause the Royals bats didn’t support him. Tabasco goes 3 up and down in the 9th and the Royals plate one giving Tabasco the win. Four in a row for.500 ball and lookout Central the R’s are coming.

  • @brooksmd 💙💪⚾💨💨💨

  • Time to put sexy esky back at leadoff? 3-4

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yeah, Gordo ain’t gettin it done and Esky is faster too.

  • I like Gordo leading off because he makes pitchers work at least. Esky has a horrible approach for a lead off. Personally, id love to see Cain be the lead off. He’s shown he has a great eye, can hit .300 and steal bases. No idea why we put him batting 3rd. If he gets a lead off hit he immediately puts pressure on the pitcher and is a distraction for the entire inning.

  • @Kcmatt7 Only thing that bothers me with Cain is his wild ass swing. He looks like he’s goin for the fence every swing. So much so that he usually ends up off balanced and on one knee. But right now with him leading the team in BA whose to argue with his success.

  • @brooksmd Oh he has an awful swing. He completely drops his back shoulder every swing and then he uppercuts. Just proof that talent can overcome poor technique.

    In fact, many of the Royals players swings drive me crazy. Makes me wonder what the hell we do with them in the minor leagues. Or why we even have a hitting coach.

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