Is old man Ball a racist?

  • Or did he just not realize the stupidity that poured from his mouth?

  • @brooksmd No pretty racist. - -I got a chuckle from the Kentucky forum. - - They responded to his remarks by things such as HUH - - looked like it was HIS BOY that couldn’t stay in front of FOX. - - And another like it was HIS SON’S man FOX that destroyed them for 39 points. - & then they talked about how Leaf - -Alford and the other white player had scored over half of UCLA’S points while Lonzo had 10.

    They mentioned that kind of like referring to three white guys, they used a reference like saying hummm seems like three white guys - - BIRD - - MCHALE & AINGE - -didn’t do to bad in Boston for slow white guys - -found it kind of humerous. - -This guy just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @brooksmd

    I posted the same thing on the another thread and I also wrote…

    What is funny is that his son was the only one that looked slow, getting destroyed off the dribble for 39 by Fox. What is he going to do when his son gets knocked on his ass on a hard foul in the NBA…is he going to cry racism? Unbelievable.

    Yes, when he is proven not to be as good as daddy Ball thinks he is, he is going to cry racism, no question about it.

  • @brooksmd If you want to have some fun, change the title of this post to " Is old man Ball a ___________" and let us fill in the blanks!

  • A bunch of slow footed white guys were robbed of a national championship two years ago by refs against Duke.

  • Why are we acknowledging this attention whore? He doesn’t deserve it. This is one of those times where hopefully if we ignore him, he’ll crawl back into his hole.

    There’s no reasin this jackass should be famous so let’s ignore him so he doesn’t get the one thing he wants most which is attention.

  • I agree! Wish the media would let him die!

  • @brooksmd He’s a racist SOB. There is no excuse for words like that.

    If it walks and quacks like a duck… What is it?!

  • @Lulufulu A rapist?

  • @dylans Noooooo I typed racist. But that wouldn’t surprise me either about that POS.

  • @Lulufulu I meant like an Oregon Duck. Bad joke.

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