St Anthony's, Tyshawn's Alma mater, to close

  • When I read about this and they said fund raising wasn’t going to be enough. I wondered how many alumni are or have played professional ball? How many ex players became coaches at different levels?

    Why not ask some of those guys for some backing?

    Unless they knew Hurley was going to retire soon and knew finding a replacement would be almost impossible.

    But it’s always sad to see any school close their doors.

  • @FarNrthJHwk

    Looks like falling enrollment was the key factor. The article says they were told they needed to get back up to 200 students and they were only around 160. With their financial struggles, I am sure they were struggling to give financial aid and given their location, it’s likely a lot of the students would need aid to go to a private school.

    It’s unfortunate, honestly, but I would hope some of the teachers go into the local public schools there in Jersey City and continue their work with students. It’s pretty clear from some of the students that they have turned out that these people have a passion for what they do.

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