Game #2 - Twins 12:10 PM

  • Ian Kennedy (3.94) vs. Hector Santiago (3.84 ERA)

    • 1 - Gordon - LF
    • 2 - Moose - DH
    • 3 - Cain - CF
    • 4 - Hosmer - 1B
    • 5 - Perez - C
    • 6 - Orlando - RF
    • 7 - Cuthbert - 3B
    • 8 - Escobar - SS
    • 9 - Mondesi - 2B

    Main notes, pitching matchup is fairly even. Cuthbert playing against the lefty instead of Moss. I think we should have kept OBrien just for this situation. Platoon him with Moss against Lefties and platoon Cuthbert with Moose against Lefties as well. I also like Cuthbert batting in the 2 spot better than Moose. But I’m done complaining about the lineup. It’s better than yesterday’s.

  • What in the heck is Karns doing in? I thought he was supposed to be our 5th starter? Unless we are skipping his first start because of the day off? Want to get him some work maybe…

  • So… Strahm isn’t going to be a guy this year. And well Karns giving up 4 ER sure isn’t a great start. Time to make a bullpen move already… But who knows who the hell is available out there. What could we get for Colon, Cuthbert or Orlando?

  • @Kcmatt7 couldn’t watch, sounds awful!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Me either, just following the stats…

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