Final Four Game Thread

  • Brooks is a thug…

  • I hope Doke will be a BEAST after working with and playing against LL.

  • @truehawk93 except he hasn’t been playing

  • @Crimsonorblue22 true, but he has been at practices and has seen the system. I would imagine the staff and Landen still talked with him about it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Hopefully he is a fast learner and picks up where he left off. I’m sure he’s been practicing. Maybe he’ll make up for lost time this Summer.

  • UNC doesn’t need treys. They need to feed Meeks.

  • Roy’s reaction to that last trey was classic.

  • @truehawk93 there was a video of Devonte throwing a lob to Doke and him dunking.

  • Amazing how Oregon does not block out Meeks. Making him look like Shaq.

  • This is what we should have done to Oregon instead of playing like crap. Our guys made them look like world beaters

  • @truehawk93 Some of our players were thugs this year too.

  • Duck is served.

  • Oregon is now on the Drive to Interstate 5!

  • Wow. UNC didn’t want to win at the stripe.

    Oregon shot horribly, where was that a week ago?

  • Roy: “This is the hard part. Class is easy.”

  • 🦆😴

  • Wow - Oregon doesnt rebound a free throw twice in a row. Oregon did a terrible job of that all night.

  • @dylans yeah, their shooting was absolute trash all night. Looked like us last weekend.

  • @HawkChamp Wellp. I was going to dog Bell for not boxing out twice, but his box score was pretty good. 13 pts off 5-7, 16 rebs, 1 steal, 4 blocks. Can’t say he cost them the game, although I’d like to.

  • This makes me sad. At least last year Villanova was a buzzsaw on a mission from above. This year we got wrecked by the devil.


  • @dylans Worry not my brother. We’ll be back in the elite eight next year and get the job done.

  • And Bell wasn’t called for his second foul until 8:35 in the 2nd half…amazing for as physical as he plays.

  • You know what’s really sad? – I fully believe that we could/can hang with ANY of these teams N Carolina included. - -Just happens Oregon played out their butt when we played and we couldn’t hit any shot. - -Very frustrating. – -Very , Very frustrating. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Of course Oregon didn’t shoot the ball near as well tonight. I love coach Williams and always will but it stinks that he probably gets his third NC not with us. We have got to step up in the post season 36 years between first two titles and 20 between second​ and third is no fun.

  • I think my bracket is busted.

  • Powering down the board in a few min to take a backup

  • @kjayhawks +1000

  • We can’t get on the same page, it seems. When we have all american bigs, we have mid-major guards. When we have all american guards, we have mid-major bigs. I guess I’m off topic, but I seem to be taking this loss pretty hard. Maybe Coach Self is such a great coach, he can take a Landen, and make him look pretty darn good, until he meets a big that is bigger, stronger, more athletic. Then you realize that doughnut hole in the middle might’ve been bigger than we thought. Maybe our never reload Jayhawks ( when was the last time we had a ‘rebuilding’ year? 2013? With Wiggins and Embiid? Nah. ) are best at not having bad seasons. Maybe I should just be happy with however it turns out. But I’m watching other teams playing the Final Four right now, and I know damn well we could beat them. We should be playing Monday night.

  • BTW, every time they show Dana Altman on tv, he looks like he just ate a sh** sandwich.

  • @kjayhawks said:

    I love coach Williams and always will but it stinks that he probably gets his third NC not with us.

    Goes to show how much more difficult it is to win at Kansas than North Carolina. Roy’s not become a better coach, but everything else is easier (including classes).

  • @dylans yes sir. I’m same time he spent at Kansas he has already doubled his rings. Always makes one curious.

  • I actually think Roy has gotten better… atleast on the defensive end of coaching. And let’s not forget when he was at KU he wouldn’t recruit east of the Mississippi River was it?

  • Roy should have one at least one here on 2003 if kids could have hit free throws.

    He probably had the team to do it in 1997 and 2002 as well.

  • UNC vs Gonzaga the game everyone wanted to see or so I’m being told by ESPN. Can’t say it makes me want to go to the trouble of searching out the game. KU vs. any team and I’m there; no KU, no interest from me. but I’m not a fan of the NCAA or any team not named Kansas. It’s just KU for me. Don’t care for the NBA either, so once KU losses it’s on to recruiting news.

    After Ellis didn’t get to go out with a w. I’m not expecting another title ever. I’m not saying they won’t win it all. I just don’t expect KU to win the annual NCAA crapshoot. One of the top teams will win, but the best team doesn’t always win. Kentucky was the best team, but got bounced by Wisconsin a few years ago-it happens to all the top programs at some point. KU vs Arizona in '97 is still the worst loss that KU had in my lifetime. I missed the Texas Southern game by a couple of decades.

    The Oregon game is a fading memory.

  • North Carolina (46) just passed Kansas (45) as the team with the most tournament wins since 2000.

    Averaging a Sweet 16 - not too shabby.

    Never bad to be a Jayhawk. Hope springs eternal.

  • @cragarhawk That is the fact that has always stuck in my craw about Roy at KU. He would never go after a recruit from the East so as not to piss off his old daddy Dean. The one and only reason I have never been a Roy fan. Appreciate what he did here, but in reality, he short changed KU and us fans. He very well could have won several NC’s at Ku if he would have gave us 100%. JUST SUCKS!!!

  • @Big-Clyde52 I absolutely love Roy. Hated his exit. He always made a good impression in person. Bill is a better coach for KU, but I still love Roy.

    If it makes you feel any better; KU has bounced UNC from the tournament as often as they have won it. Matchups are key.

    I’d feel for Roy if he lost back to back championship games. Ouch!

  • @dylans What would make me feel better would be more banners hanging in AFH. I just feel if he had recruited hard nation wide we could have lured even more outstanding players to KU, and thus won more championships. Maybe, maybe not.

    I did not like his exit either, but as time has passed, I have come to understand his reasons. I will never understand or forgive the recruiting issue. Even so, I believe he is a good person, and wish him well. Just hurts that it is not KU doing the winning.

  • It is not that Coach Williams left, we all knew he would sooner than later, what bothers me is how he did it and for that the blame fall squarely on former Jayhawks Dean Smith, who burnt all bridges with KU.

  • As was pointed out earlier, KU should have had a NC under Roy. The 2003 debacle is still vivid in my memory. When you shoot 20% from 3 and 40% FT, you can hardly blame that on the coach. That 3 point loss is still number one on the heart breaking losses of all time. Well it is a tie with 1957. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. OHH the banners we could have!!!

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