Bill Self Likely HOFer

  • Apparently it will happen, someone leaked it. All over the internets right now. Hopefully true, not sure why it wouldn’t be but you never know. Fantastic if true.

  • “sources”

    That just always amused me for some reason.

  • Congrats and well-deserved! Wouldn’t trade him for any other coach! How super blessed to have our coaching staff and frank Mason the 3!

  • @BShark said:


    That just always amused me for some reason.

    Leaks! Track 'em down!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Well said! I’m with you!

  • @BShark No One deserves it more. The things he has done here just have to say WAY TO GO COACH. I know he wasn’t satisified with how things turned out, BUT over the years I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else , and yet still you have idiots calling to lead a charge of LET’S FIRE BILL CAMPAIGN - -people like this just show their ignorance, totally clueless, classless idiots who know NOTHING, other then sitting back in that over stuffed lazy boy each and every game day and putting their un defeated record on the line their 1 million and zero record, each and every game day with their probably cram of the crop the top of the class OL MILWAUKEE’S BEST BEER in one hand and their OVER SIZE HOAGIE in the other hand spewing out their un-believable knowledge of the game cussing at Bill, oh how ENVIOUS , I am of the multiple great multiple un-defeated arm chair basketball genius we have in our midst.

    Ok I’m done be my typical smart ass all that is left to say is - -Great Job coach & as always ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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