UK Stressing: What Could Be More Frustrating than Prostituting Yourselves for a DECADE and Only Winning One Ring?

  • It’s discouraging winning only one ring in a decade with the deck apparently stacked against KU, because KU tries to do it the right way.

    But imagine the anger, futility, hollowness and self-loathing that UK fans must feel at having reputedly sold out at most every turn and still to have won only one ring over the same period.

    It must feel humiliating and degrading, if the Great Wall of denial ever cracks even a little!!

    A couple recent threads here have alluded to apparently antic behavior by U.K. faithful regarding sofa burning and trolling of a referee’s online presence.

    Might these antic behaviors indicate their long experiment in XTReme Self-Debasement is finally de-patterning them?

    I don’t know.

    But I wonder.

  • @jaybate-1.0 UK fans are definitely frustrated. Many are starting to doubt Cal for that exact reason. Every year they get the top end talent and they don’t bring home the gold.

    It has lead to delusional thinking on the part of several fans. Instead of seeing that Cal is a poor in-game coach, they point to referees in almost every game that they have a poor performance. They believe the NCAA is out to get them. They believe that when they don’t land a recruit, it was because Cal didn’t want them actually. They believe that their championships in the 40s and 50s were legit, despite the fact that they were clearly in the middle of a points shaving scheme and players were promised the world. Those teams were almost as dirty as the UCLA teams in the 70s. Not to mention, they laugh at schools who covet Helm’s championships despite the fact the tournaments in the 40s and 50s were 8 teams to start and they usually played in the worse of the two available tournaments. And the most laughable is that they think Cal is squeaky clean, despite having wins vacated at his two previous schools. They are the definition of a delusional fan base.

  • @Kcmatt7 I pointed out them burning crap and threatening Higgins, and they started calling me names on a board I frequent. Touchy.

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