Deep Dive : Session 1

  • Why do we get so emotional after our teams lose? What does it say about us ?

    And some food for thought

  • @Blown He had me until he used his example of long suffering fans finally winning with the Red Sox when they suffered only 86 years and the White Sox won the next year after an 88 year drought, but he didn’t mention us!

    I have to talk myself out of this every year when KU and UW fail. Interestingly, I have a daughter playing college lacrosse, some 900 miles away so I can’t watch. Yesterday she scored her first goal! Last night all I could think about was that dumb game we lost, and not the joy of knowing about her first goal.

    I sometimes hear people say in game chats like ours “this is embarrassing”. Embarrassing for whom? Do we really think people are going to look at us and think we’re losers? Are they going to talk bad about us tomorrow at work whispering “hey look, there’s blown, he (she?)'s a Jayhawks fan, how embarrassing?”!!

    The few times I’ve been privileged to be cheering for a team that i really care about that wins it all, the Bears in 86, KU in 88 and 08, Bulls in the 90’s and White Sox in 2005, something else happens. Within a day, I start worrying about next year. Do we have what it takes to repeat? What if we don’t repeat, that will be a failure.

    Wow human nature sure works against us sometimes!

  • @wissox today is the first day of about 7 straight months of traveling ball for two eldest. I find myself having similar thoughts as you did about your young lacrosse player. Both of my boys are fortunate enough to compete with great teams at a very high level, but I rarely lose sleep over their outcomes. It’s an interesting double standard I have I suppose.

  • Being a fan is emotionally based… it’s a kind of relationship that happens to us… we hurt because we care, that simple. in the case of KU, it’s 90% a positive one because we get good players, we have a great program, and a hell of a great coach, so we win way more that we lose. Losing hurts, winning feels good 🙂 About 15 years ago, I have kind of made my peace with the tourney - it is what it is, and I feel positive that one day soon we will have the team, the luck , and the stars aligning at the right time and win one.

  • @wissox said:

    he didn’t mention us!

    Don’t be upset! It was written 3 yrs ago!

  • @mayjay I’m talking about the White Sox, NOT the hated Cubs! Sox won it in 2005.

  • @wissox Oh, I didn’t read the article. I misread you as saying he talked about the two soxes. Forgot you wouldn’t be talking about the Cubs. Oooops!😬

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