KU Hasn't Peaked in the Tourney Yet, Because...

  • a.) Frank hasn’t gotten a quintuple double yet;

    b.) Devonte hasn’t gone 10 for 10 from three yet;

    c.) Josh has not gone off for 50 yet;

    d.) Svi has not gone Mad Ukrainian yet and driven the iron for 30 yet;

    e.) Landen has not double doubled 20/20 yet and hulked out and twisted the opoosing rim into a figure 8 to stop the other team from making any shots at all;

    f.) Vick has not gone for 30 and a 720 dunk yet;

    g.) Bragg has not yet said I am done trying to make five treys and am instead going break five femurs dunking on opponents on the way to 15/10;;

    h.) Coleby has not discovered he can run and jump as good as new and become both a defensive Terminator shouting "Screw coming back, I AM back!! And become Self’s Secret secondary break weapon;

    i.) Lightfoot has not yet hit the TRANSFORMER switch on the front of his chest and hulked in Optimus Prime for 20 in their faces.

    j.) the rest of the team has not yet fully dialed into MK-Ultra telekinetic mind control mode breaking the will of opponents from the sidelines.

    We are just scraping the surface here.

    Law of averages? We don’t need no stinking law of averages!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I don’t believe we’ve peaked yet… for several reasons.

    We’ve just had 3 games with this NEW Jayhawk team. And this is a new team… different from the regular season. Our commitment to excellence has really stepped up to transform this team. We are doing better in probably every statistical column because we are better focused and we have plenty of motivation.

    So there is a great chance we continue to IMPROVE as we get used to playing at a higher level.

    And the main reason why I don’t think we have peaked… as we play through the tournament, every game gets a little tougher. Our guys step up when facing tough adversaries and situations therefore every game now promises to be tougher which actually helps us raise our game.

    We are lucky that the media is still not focusing on Kansas. It is becoming hilarious… we are averaging over 95 points a game and have outplayed every team in the tourney by a long shot… but we are still buried at the bottom of the sports page. Love it.

  • @drgnslayr We could win every game by 50 and have a player score 40+ and another have a triple double and we would still get no favorable press. The CBS headlines were ludicrous after we won.

  • @drgnslayr said:

    we are averaging over 95 points a game and have outplayed every team in the tourney by a long shot… but we are still buried at the bottom of the sports page.

    Glad you called attention to this apparent media asymmetry.

    On one level, I am of course hopeful things are on the up and up and further hopeful the under the radar effect helps KU to a ring.

    But, whether random, or intentional, the media image of KU being consistently portrayed at the bottom of the page, so to speak, could conceivably set up some sharply inaccurate bettor expectations and so some potentially very lucrative sheep fleecing scenarios in gambling from here on out, every time KU comes up against a a hyper-hyped team, mightn’t it?

    And watching the beginnings of a potential pattern emerge of KU playing EST teams very close for 3/4s of games and then blowing them out down the stretch (sharply divergent with point spread expectations), ostensibly AFTER most of the bets have been layed and offset, makes this old reader who has read books about gambling scandals, cock an eye brow.

    But eyebrows cock many times and nothing is ever found afoul.

    So: I’m just going to enjoy the ride until more observable things arise.

  • I don’t think we’re done yet because BIFM, Josh, Graham, and LL are definitely not ready for this to be the last game they will ever play together in.

  • @jaybate-1.0 why have I not been betting on Kansas all this time? 🤦

  • If we win the NC this year, the front page headline on every sports page in America (East of Kansas City and West of Topeka) will read

    UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, Gonzaga and Oregon did NOT win the National Championship this year

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Or… “Kansas SHOCKS the basketball world with their huge upset!”

  • @jaybate-1.0 I think H has happened already.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    You made me think about the gambling world.

    Point spreads are all about evening out the money, which reduces the risks for the house.

    What if we go 6 games and win by a 30-pt margin every game?

    We still going to only be favored by 5 or 6?

    This is where you get an accurate sense of what America thinks about our guys’ chances to win.

  • @drgnslayr

    After 6 games the Tournament is over so no more lines…👍

    Now, if you mean would KU be favorite on the sixth and final game, the line would open where Vegas thinks half the money will be bet on each team and it would changes if betting become unbalanced.

  • Perhaps they have reached the plateau … and maybe can play in that ballpark three more times. But they don’t need a Purdue like performance to win two of the next three games. UNC or UK? Buckle up.

  • @nuleafjhawk said:

    UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, Gonzaga and Oregon did NOT win the National Championship this year

    Definitive characterization of the way propaganda in sports media works.



  • @HighEliteMajor Roy was our guy for 15 yars, so I’d rather see Cal cry than him. But really, after we’re done with dumb ass Altman either will suffice…

  • Banned


    I want UNC too. Coach owns Roy. :bowtie:

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