• @wrwlumpy if it means success for him, I hope so! 😭 I love that fun kid though!

  • @wrwlumpy

    Hope not for our own selfish reasons.

    But if we win the NC, I doubt he stays. If we don’t… I’ll flip a coin.

  • There was a quote from Josh last night along the lines of Devonte having the ability to be NPOY next year and Kansas keeping the honor for two years. I’ve been jazzed all AM thinking D’tae has told his KU family he’s staying. I hope he’s staying, but like Crimsonandblue want the best for him!

  • Do you really think being MOP of the tournament is going to somehow get DG into the 1st round this year? At best, I think he can go in the 2nd round this year regardless of his play in the tourney. Of course there is always the chance for injury and derailing your opportunity at the NBA, but more risk, more reward, and I think DG is smart enough to know this.

  • @Eric-san Self will guide him

  • @Eric-san

    Graham is already in most drafts as a second round pick and 3 more good games could certainly move him to the first round.

  • Isn’t that what we all thought about Mario Chalmers? Maybe it isn’t the best comparison, but I thought for sure Mario would go first round and he ends up going 2nd.

    Do you guys think DG is a better PG than Ball, Monk, Fox, Evans, Morris? Not even considering any international prospects, DG would have to jump some of them to sneak into the 1st round.

  • @Eric-san everyone says this draft is loaded, better shot for him next year? Take out insurance!

  • He seems to be really tight w/Malik too.

  • Him staying really solidifies our teams chances for great success next year. Would love to see him stay, but I’ll root for him either way. He is definitely showing his “game” now! Rock Chalk!

  • @Eric-san

    I have read that several GMs were surprised Mario was not picked in the first round, a combination of teams picking and specific needs. He got a decent contract, better than what second round picks usually get.

  • @JayHawkFanToo After the lottery, I think it is definitely more of a needs pick vs potential, it just feels like our players are always getting drafted several spots below what they were projected in mock drafts.

  • If the backcourt loses only Mason and adds Garret and Newman and even if Coach Self does not pick up another guard in the off-season…which he probably will anyway, KU is right back at having one of the best backcourt in college basketball.

  • @Eric-san said:

    it just feels like our players are always getting drafted several spots below what they were projected in mock drafts.

    Many mock drafts don’t seem to include a few foreign players that draft-and-stash GMs seem to like to draft so much.

  • If we win a NC, but lose Graham…certainly would take that. Would be harder to lose him if we don’t win it all. Either way, I hope he does what he thinks is best for him. And hopefully he makes the right decision.

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