Jackson The Disruptor

  • Josh’s line completely understates and totally misrepresents his contribution to the huge Sweet Sixteen Victory. 36 minutes, 15points. Yawn. 6/13, 2/5(3), 1/3 FTs, 12 RBs, 4 STL and 1 BLK.

    Josh was everywhere, guarding everybody and completely disrupted and destroyed the Lukewarmmakers on offense. Frank and Devonte were great, but Josh was equally great. Josh’s frenetic defense created way more turnovers than the official scorer credited. I credit Josh with throwing the Purdue bigs off their games. Josh’s help defense was smothering. Bring on the Ducks.

  • It sure seemed like more than 1 block. Must have been 6-8 shots altered then.

  • @stoptheflop He was everywhere. He denied the post feed numerous times in the first half when the result seemed to be hanging in the balance. We might have been down double digits if not for what we did on numerous entry passes of theirs.

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