Self Dusts Off 2008 Lane Jumping Defense Used on UNC for a Half and Uses It a Whole Game!!!!

  • Lane jumping, stripping, 53% trifectation, and massively outrebounding Purdue, plus 8 minutes of the best baketball ever played by a KU team equal a blow out of Big Ten Chump-ian Purdue.

    Add a Vick 360 dunk and more strips than Gypsy Rose Lee and you have one of the greatest tournament blow out wins against a good team I can recall.

    Every cylinder was firing perfectly and Self decided to Rev the engine to redline on game 1 of this weekend.

    Self must have figured Oregon’s multiple defenses guaranty a low possession second game.

    But Self did sub a lot vs. Purdue. Self got 23 minutes out of Coleby and Bragg and 24 min out of Vick!!! Thus Self cheated the high possession game with resting “some” legs.

    No KU player played more than 35 minutes and Lucas only played 20, and Svi only 19 minutes.

    Self was a magician yet again!

    Self used little players to outrebound a much bigger team with two genuine studs on the blocks. How does KU +7 on the glass sound!!!

    But it was the 53% trey shooting and the passing-lane-jumping, strip-them-silly (9 steals) defense that also forced 16 Purdue turnovers that stole the show and blew Purdue into more pieces than a boiler under too much pressure for 40 minutes!

    One of the greatest KU performances ever!

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:


    Thesaurus Hall of Fame!

  • They really turned up thd heat from 200 to 400 degrees in the second half. Was not expecting that dominating performance.

  • This game goes to show how important ball pressure and active hands are. Must do that on Saturday to disrupt Oregon.

  • @HawkChamp

    KU Stripping was quite a surprise from a team that hadn’t stripped much this season.

  • @jaybate-1.0 " More strips than Gypsy Rose"…PHOF . That should be on the front door…lmao.

  • Bill Self is great at making adjustments, most other coaches stand there frustrated yelling a lot. Painter was one of those coaches. Game, set, match.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Our KU boys just turned into a juggernaut at the right time. They embarrassed and demoralized a very good team. Purdue is a very good team.

    3 more games.

    But first, KU needs to refocus and refuel their jets for another very good team.

    KU is playing defense much better than their Kenpom stats suggest.

    They are showing toughness reminiscent of the 2012 team.

    KU is playing offense better than any Self coached team to date.

    KU has their hands full with Oregon tomorrow.

    But, Oregon might have to grow another half dozen hands to deal with KU right now.

  • Does anyone know about links to CBS or ESPN for watching full game replay

  • After falling behind early 33-25 KU outscores Purdue 73-33. That is an epic finish.

  • @wissox

    It really was two distinct games, wasn’t it?

    Game 1 KU couldn’t hit squat and and all it’s stripping barely kept it in the game.

    Game 2 KU couldn’t miss, KU kept stripping, Purdue couldn’t make, and Purdue imploded into a black hole.


    But it’s also a warning what to expect, if KU blows cold for a half or a whole game even once in the next (hopefully) three games.


  • @Lulufulu

    Oregon played the game Self and Painter wanted: 69 to 68. But Painter tried to go for the big lead when he got his first lead early by trying to keep an up tempo game going, so Self took what Painter gave and shot and stripped Painter’s team off the floor. Self couldn’t really let up pace either, since Purdue had so many great trifectates and Painter was to rigid to adjust to Self’s backside stripping of the Purdue bigs. But Self got Landen big rest, and did you see how fresh Frank and Devonte looked in the post game? No sweat. Easy breathing. Frank pretty much took the last 6 minutes off the game either on auto pilot or off the floor. Self let everyone take turns driving the whole game, so no one got gassed. Hell, Svi at 19 minutes never broke a sweat and neither did Vick at 24. Frank and Devonte and Josh divided all the hard work, and the wing Composite of Svi/Vick allowed the other three a bunch of time off. I know it apparently didn’t look like it to many, but go back and watch how few guys were involved in the transition off strips and then notice how the strips were spread around. This was a masterpiece of countering a faster pace than Self would have liked. I don’t know how he did it, but he found a way to rest guys in a high possession game. It started with the kind of defense they played. Lane jumping and stripping early in a shot clock takes much less energy than getting down and guarding 30 seconds. Think back. Purdue had incredibly few long possessions the entire game. KU played very short bursts of defense most possessions. Painter got schooled big time. He won’t forget. He needs to get way more flexible in his thinking. He never adjusted his team to Self’s backside stripping after the half; that’s really why KU could blow them out. Painter will learn, though. He’s a smart guy. He just ran into THE GENIUS!!!

  • @Fightsongwriter said:

    Bill Self is great at making adjustments, most other coaches stand there frustrated yelling a lot. Painter was one of those coaches. Game, set, match.

    This is soooooooooo accurately and succinctly it that I had to copy and paste it.

    You distilled the game perfectly!!!

    Painter looked like so many coaches do that play Self a second time and think they have him all figured out. He makes a bunch of unexpected but not readily recognizable adjustments and moves and before you know it, it is deer-in-headlight eyes time for the other coach. I have never seen another coach since Wooden flat out baffle other coaches in games and have them completely unknowing about how they are getting beaten.


    I felt like that was a good one as I typed it…for those of us old enough to recall her name! 😄

  • Another way to look at it

    1st 12 min - Josh out if control and kinda freaking out

    Next 28 min - Josh in control and freaking Turnoveragan and Ivan Drago out.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    Great minds think alike. I was calling him Drago all game to my significant other!!!

  • For discussions sake, what happens if KU gets past Oregon tomorrow and ends up meeting UNC in the final four?

    Would Roy have a better feel for what Bill would do and vice versa?

    Its a very likely scenario.

  • @Lulufulu Roy has had 2 more chances to beat KU including in 2012 when he had a much more talented team amd failed to do so. A 4th meeting ends the same way as the previous 3, a KU victory.

  • @jaybate-1.0 We’ve had this jumping passing lane d all season, and surely Bill knew that. JJ has been doing it for a while, and Dwight’s shown the knack to front the entry pass before, but Mason, Devonte and Vick have been restrained on that front.

    I’m assuming it’s for two reasons.

    1. We conserved our energy through the season, and Self knew he didn’t have to do it to win games.
    2. He was hiding it.

    Surely after 2008 he knew that while Mario (in this case, JJ) was a passing lane jumping savant, it took Russ Rob and Sherron (in this case, Devonte and Vick) jumping the other side to really dig the screws in. In addition, bigs jumping (fronting) the entry pass.

    He knew he had the personnel, from the moment he said “and we certainly know what Josh can do” (paraphrase) at the beginning of the season, and he was saving it.

    I am reminded of a crappy old jeweler’s ad (that’s not descriptive, I know; they’re all crappy), where the dude gives his woman diamonds and she says, her voice faux faltering “I love this man”. Bill Self gave us fans diamonds last night. He’d been saving his paychecks.

    I love this man.

  • @approxinfinity

    Rack him!


  • @Lulufulu said:

    For discussions sake, what happens if KU gets past Oregon tomorrow and ends up meeting UNC

    Great question. I’ll have to chew on it.

  • @jaybate-1.0 PHOF !!!

  • I’m pretty excited to see what happens with the top of the key weak side help when teams pull it out high. Vick got an easy steal and a 360* jam… Do other coaches have time to prepare for that? Or even prepare to worry about that.

    Wonder if ol’ Roy is sleeping okay tonight?

  • @DanR

    Good point about top of key help. And it was an amazing dunk. I wonder if Self was ok with it?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Tyler looked pretty happy!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    1 out of 2 is good from Trey. Not so sure in this situation. 😉

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