Great quote from Landen

  • From - “We’re not gonna back down from anybody or let anybody punk us.”

    I love the attitude by our guys. The upperclassmen have had hard losses in the tourney by teams that have been tougher. Wichita State in 2015 absolutely punked them and was a tougher team. Nova was not quite as bad but Ochefu owned all the bigs, including Landen, and Jenkins, Hart and Arccidiacano had the upper hand against the guards. Even if they lose, it won’t be because they softened up or anything like that. It’s actually a good thing that we played Izzo early, as it tested the mental and physical toughness of our team.

    Winning in the tournament is all about toughness and I am glad that our guys have developed that mentality which will allow them to be in a good position moving forward.

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    “Yeah, my boy Frank is not going for none of that,” junior guard Devonte’ Graham later said. “He’s not intimidated by anybody. He think he can guard LeBron, so nobody’s going to intimidate him.”

  • @BShark I’M starting to think he can guard LeBron too…

  • @nuleafjhawk he wouldn’t back down! BIFM!

  • @nuleafjhawk

    LeBron would be forced to use his favorite go to move…flopping…

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Now that would be a sight to see, Lebron flopping on a fake jab from BIFM!

  • @StLJhawk

    I’d like our entire team to watch this video.

    Even LeBron sells calls now and then.

    We have some physical games coming up. Or just GAME if we can’t get passed Purdue.

    We need to win the foul wars. Think about the impact of even one of those calls not going our way? So Lucas picks up his fourth personal instead of hanging the fourth personal on Swanigan…

    We also need to do more to draw fouls. More shot fakes!

  • I agree outside of insinuating that we were punked last year, maybe Perry was but outside him we played pretty good just couldn’t hit a shot to save our lives from the outside, which would’ve opened up the middle for Perry. Wright did exactly what I would have done as a coach against us, clogg the lane and make us chuck it from the cheap seats.

  • So on the punk shove by Bridges after the Frank layup, can Frank get the refs to review it? It’s a flagrant foul, right?

  • @chriz Is that something you’d really want Frank to do anyway?

  • @drgnslayr please don’t suggest we do anything because LeBron does it. I remember watching the Indiana playoff series and hating LeBron for all those BS flops. Still makes me livid. Can’t stand that assh___. Yes, but no. Landen needs to let the refs know when he takes a charge. No, he doesn’t need to flop around to get unwarranted fouls a la LeBron or Devonte.

  • I hate flopping too… it seems beneath us.

    But then again, if the refs aren’t calling flagrant fouls, perhaps if we just elaborated just a wee bit now and then to draw their attention to the tactics being used, rather than just man up and shrug off all the hacking we endure, it might not be too bad.

    But if not done sparingly and done well, it sure would give the haters more to hate about us. And to Eric-san’s point, I don’t ever want to see BIFM do it.

  • @approxinfinity

    I’m just suggesting we take advantage of the game itself. I’m not into Marcus Smart flopping.

    I’m just into selling calls. In a selling calls situation the foul is there, but needs to be sold to go our way versus for the other team.

    Selling calls is a part of basketball, always has been. It’s a skill just like using shot fakes. You can either fight it and pay the price, or take advantage of something your competitor is taking advantage of, too.

    I’m sick of us playing at that disadvantage. Landen has been the biggest victim in this. He just plays “straight up.” You can probably remove 1 out of every 4 or 5 fouls he gets called for if he just sold the actual foul, which was committed by the other guy.

    Look at our game with Michigan State. He got called for an offensive foul for backing in to the low post. In that particular case, it was a “no call” turned into a foul against Landen. In that one case, he wasn’t going to sell a call that the defender fouled him because there was so little contact in the play. But the defender sold it and got a call that probably shouldn’t have been called.

    We are constantly being victimized by these foul calls because other teams “sell it.”

    I would hate to lose a NC just because of that one factor. Heck… there is questions on the Devonte foul versus Nova last year that played a key role in that game… which really turned out to be the NC game because I’m fairly certain we could have won the title if we had beaten Nova.

  • It worked for Richard scott

  • It is extremely frustrating having to try to educate people on the difference of “flopping” versus “selling a call.”

    I hate flopping… but selling a call is part of the game. Period.

  • @drgnslayr

    It is not in Landen’s nature to do it. When a BS foul is called on him he just looks down and shakes his head slightly but does not complain; he has not done before and he is not about to start now…I can respect that.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I can’t respect that. Sure… I do respect a player for not flopping. Flopping, in my book, is the desire to deceive.

    “Selling a call” is just dramatizing the truth. Monster difference from a flop. I totally HATE flopping!

    If a player isn’t ready to compete in the game using all the legitimate tools to win, then I can’t respect him in that area. It tells me that player feels too elite or entitled to go “all out” in order to win.

    Just my opinion.

    BTW: Landen often gets totally victimized by other bigs because of this one area. And it is totally unnecessary. Landen has worked his butt off on the court and in the weight room, adding strength. He has the strength to hold his own. Now he needs to feel self-confident enough to “sell himself” to the refs. It is rare when a championship trophy is given to anyone or any team playing the victim role.

  • @drgnslayr

    There is a fine line between selling the call and flopping and the more you do the first, the closer you get to the second and the line gets blurred; most every flopper starts selling the call and graduates into full flopping. I prefer Landen continues doing what the does and what is natural to him. At this stage, if he tries to sell the call it will end up looking like a flop and I rather steer clear of both.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Good point. Very good point.

    I would just like to see him move back a bit when he gets nailed. Nothing too dramatic. But I’ve seen him sometimes actually selling the call for the opposition.

  • Landon is such a rock, and doesn’t back down. But there are numerous times that he could easily draw a charge if he “sold the contact” when players back him down low .IMO

  • On LeBron: the man’s earned enough respect over the last few yrs to have legit respect. Got zero issue with him. His obvious flops, like against Draymond couple of mos ago was pure comedic entertainment…but he got the call…so what’s the refs’ msg to LBJ by rewarding that theatre move? But how many finals he been in last several yrs, with how many different rosters?

    On the Nova loss: the only way our guards got bested by Nova’s guards was by our own 3pt%, by guards not named Devonte Graham. And we see Perry retreat into his old soph shell after the bogus charge calls, AND he didnt even attempt a trey, a 40+% trey shooter who went MIA. Say the same for BGreene’s DNP butt. Where was his 3gun? Landen Lucas is not the reason KU lost that game. What do yall think the fuel behind Frank’s senior year 50% trey percentage was? That poor kid likely got off the KU plane after the Nova loss and took his suitcase straight to practice gym, shooting 3s thru teary eyes.

    Just see what Josh Jackson does from the 4spot this year, as yall have all season. Josh’s only “shell” he left behind when he exited the womb.

  • @Eric-san yes actually, I’d love for him to do that. I see your point, but I’d still take the tech free throws and the additional foul on Bridges.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @nuleafjhawk he wouldn’t back down! BIFM!

    BIFM = Bridges I’m Frank Mason!

  • @drgnslayr I get it man. Its just I don’t want our guys to be like LeBron who is a flopper and not just a seller of calls. He grates on me. I agree, Landen absorbs the hit and doesn’t get the call . @JayHawkFanToo might be right, not sure Landen is learning how to sell it any time as a Jayhawk.

    I forget who said it last time we talked about this but I like the idea of pulling the chair for Landen, when people start back to basket slamming into him.

    Anyway didn’t mean to rip you one. LeBron gets me all pissy.

  • @approxinfinity

    It’s taken me LeBron’s entire career to get to the point where I can stand him. I’ve softened up on him because of his level of commitment to Ohio. It has helped me deal with all his ego moments and tantrums.

    I know how hard it can be to see another idea when a strong vision comes into mind about it. I’m there constantly!

    All I want is a fair share of fair calls. I have no desire to hustle another team out of calls that we don’t deserve because we tricked the refs to make a bad call.

    I guarantee you that I’m positioned in this to later say, “I told you so” if we have the horrible situation where we get ripped off down the stretch on a call that costs us the National Championship. If that happens, then suddenly everyone will understand what I’m barking about and suddenly everyone will understand the difference between “selling a call” and “flopping.”

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