Compilation of Stats Sites

  • Will you all please help assemble a collection of sites that provide stats that are interesting/useful? It would be most helpful if when you list a site, give its name, URL and what it’s significance is or what it uniquely excels at.

    I think this would be a useful reference for all the members of the site as the season matures.

    For example:

    ####NCAA RPI####

    RPI, is a quantity used to rank sports teams based upon a team’s wins and losses and its strength of schedule and is used by the selection committee to seed the NCAA Tournament Brackets.

    ####Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings####

    Ken Pomeroy’s tempo-based basketball statistics and data on non-numeric factors such as offensive and defensive style of play Is compared to Bill James’ sabermetrics.

    ####Hoop-Math play-by-play statistics####

    Hoop-Math presents college basketball statistics derived from play-by-play data. Want to know how often your favorite team or player gets a shot up at the rim, or scores in transition? Hoop-Math exists to answer these sorts of questions.

  • Numerous statistics for many sports. Excellent NCAA men’s basketball resource. Provides information / comparisons for teams, players, coaches, conferences, etc.

  • Sports Reference Link

    Team Rankings Link and was trying to look up stats for conference rankings last week because I kept hearing that the Big10 was the best conference in the country, and I came across these 2 websites, which are both free. As of last Thursday, the Big 12 was 0 .1 point behind the Big 10.

  • Actually, the first one should have been

  • I really enjoy following the box score during games. During the live chat several games ago, our favorite online sports editor provided a link to one he uses that is the best I’ve seen. It’s called StatMonitr and is intended for use by members of the working media.

    It’s not meant to be shared with the public viewing audience, so I won’t mention our favorite online sports editor by name (he has a new title now anyway). The link above is for KU events, and it’s comprehensive and immediate, usually updating several seconds before I see the play on my TV.

  • One thing I miss when checking on a game not televised is box scores during the game on ESPN is half time minutes. When I see low scores or attempts for a player I check and normally see 2, maybe 3 fouls. I have no idea if the player played 5 minutes or 15, explaining low production or low minutes-just a suggestion to espn.

  • @JayhawkRock78 That’s why I tried to find another site besides ESPN. I believe gives minutes played, but they have so many errors on other stats that I gave up on them. The site I linked above gives minutes played and updates it continuously, not just at half. There are several different tabs you can view, which makes it seem a bit complex at first, but I got used to it pretty fast and now am a huge fan.

  • @tundrahok Thanks much Tundra. I will check it out!

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