KU Midwest Bracket Dreams, Bracket Nightmares


    KU shoots 15% from trey and 50% from he FT stripe and still beats winner of NC Central/UCD out rebounding them +20 and guarding them into a black hole.

    KU shoots 55% from trey and 85% from the FT line and crushes MSU without getting injured from Izzo thugging.

    Vermont upsets ice cold Purdue and Nevada beats ice cold ISU, then Nevada beats Vermont and KU shoots a tepid 35% from trey and its usual 65% but guards its way to a narrow win over Nevada.

    Oregon under Dana Altman wades through the bottom bracket as expected, and KU shoots well and from the FT line, and Self just plain outsmarts Altman with too many clever in bounds plays and defensive wrinkles between two of the premier Okie Ballers coaching these days.

    KU beats Duke again.

    Self coaches the greatest game of his career completely fooling Stumpy on both ends of the floor and KU has a hot hand wins the ring.


    It all works out the same way except KU blows cold late and the refs select Arizona and let Stumpy get away with being a punk with dark circles around his eyes, as Stumpy taunts Self and calls KU the most overrated team that ever reached the finals.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I shouldn’t have read your nightmare right before bed. I can’t stand the idea of Zona becoming our new Cusa.

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:

    KU beats Duke again.

    Lol four words says it all

  • Can’t play both 'zona and Duke. UNC then 'zona or duke in the NC. Another w against Roy fits into the dream side, I believe.

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