Bracket Reveal chat. Sneak preview

  • We’re #1 and we’re going to win it all.

  • Tulsa, KC looking good

  • The bracketologists are all just waiting like us to see if they’re right.

  • Hoping to have SW punxatawny State as the 2 seed in our region, Missouri as the 4 seed, LSU as the 8, and Haskell as the 16. That should help. Hopefully they put Duke, UNC, Villanova, Arizona, UCLA, Kentucky, Gonzaga in the same region. That should help.

  • Who do you all got in your Masters pool? NIT pool? JUCO pool?

  • Expecting some whining today. That’s ok it’s a KUBuckets tradition!

  • I don’t mind talking to myself, do it all the time.

  • Looks like KU will be the second overall seed based on the bracket layout CBS showed.

  • Wow, badgers drop all the way to 8.

  • Duke #2

  • Well we’re not playing Duke until the final four at least.

  • Since Duke is in the East, that likely means Oregon is going to be our 2 seed.

  • I’m curious who the 3 seed in the South is going to be because I thought that was going to be Baylor instead of Baylor in the East.

  • Setting up some geography matchups. Possible all texas game with SMU and Baylor and VTech and Virginia if things get to the sweet 16.

  • Duke and Baylor is going to be a helluva Sweet 16 match up.

  • Any takers were the 1 in the Midwest? 😁

  • Smu will beat baylor

  • Arizona will be the 2 seed in our bracket.

  • @cragarhawk 😉💙❤️🏀🏀

  • Nova couldn’t have gotten an easier trip to the final 4… That’s a overall seed being rewarded

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