• Guys let me try to explain the best I can, I know there are alot of times I don’t really convey my message the most clear and some people perceive it wrong/take it wrong way, and that’s not what I try to do, I’m trying to express/bring forth a point ( as I see it ) but alot of times can’t express what I want in the most clear way. So with that being said let me try again, on something that I’m just - - -hell how can I explain when I’m not even sure? - - But let’s see:

    Ok, you know lately I’ve been watching ALOT of games, diferent teams and, here is where it might get confusing to you all cause I can’t REALLY pinpoint it myself for 100% sure and I know there will be some that think I’m bagging on our boys and it’s no that, at all.

    Anyways as I sit and watch these games I see some of these and I think DAM they look smooth, really relaxed, free flowing I mean just really fluid - -and there is times - - alot of times recently that even though our guys are good - - really good I just don’t see that and that’s where It gets confusing for me , maybe just to critical, trying to over examine, maybe looking for to much pefection, - -Something and I can’t put a finger on it and again we are good but there is just something that looks- - -hell I dunno guys, I know just babbling, told you i can’t explain. I mean I watch our motion on offense and then watch others and ours looks like not quitte as fluid, seems like there is just mare times when we get ourselves whee things get forced some herky jerky I can’t explain., it;s just that it gets me woried that whatever it is I’m trying to figure out might be just enough from obtaining our goal - -that NCAA TITLE. oK i’M DONE - -just some random thoughts this saturday early morning while waiting for the snow - -let the games begin - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Don’t stress! You will never see other teams the way you see KU.

  • @mayjay YA you know what? - - you are actually probably 100000000% right - -just looking for perfection - -too dam critical, I’m to old for this I need to just be able to sit back and enjoy these guys for who they are and what they are - -and that is - -they are a very good team - -that’s my problem I get TO wrapped up at times - -and that’s why these others look more fluid probably cause I have no vested interest and could give a rats ass less about who wins o losses. - -Your right for sure -see I told you I knew someone could put logic to my ramblings lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY ONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 said:

    I knew someone could put logic to my ramblings

    I’m usually good with other people’s ramblings, but it is my own that may be questionable.😏

  • I feel the same way… when I watch other good teams, they just seem to flow and score so easily… but I was informed by other board members that the defense being played is not great, which makes for the easy flowing offense. It can be Decieving. NC looked like it had the game wrapped up yesterday, but duke came back late to win. TCU shot close to 60% against us, then just 40% the next day to lose badly.

    KU is a very good team, but the tourney is tricky at best… it’s how you play THAT GIVEN DAY. PERIOD.

    looks like Arizona may be in our bracket (Lunardi espn bracketology) and they can “flow” with the best of them.

  • You got to go to the stats man, especially the advanced stats. Listen to JNewells podcast. He breaks it down. Statistically we do some things superbly, a lot of things. Kenpom type stuff is what I’m talking about. It shows us doing pretty darn well.

    A less scientific answer is when you’re casually watching another team you see the plays they make and which are nice and all, but you don’t worry when they didn’t make the previous 3 plays. Their fans notice the previous 3 plays and are thinking their team sucks too.

  • @wissox So very true, I understand - -like you say these other games I can enjoy as where THEIR fans feel the same thing I do lol. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay Well I duno but your ramblings sounded pretty reasonable - -logical to me. - --ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • For me, I used to focus too much on the poor/boneheaded plays of our team and not fully appreciate the beauty of how these same players would spool off a 17-2 blitz that destroys the other team. And I tended to only “see” other teams runs in games. Anytime a team goes on a mini-run, they look pretty good for that stretch. I gotta admit, I’m digging on this years squad for the runs they put together. I see a lot of Bill’s 2012 team in this team and because of that I can’t help but feel good going into the tourney.

  • BIFM is What What Frank Mason? My brain might be dead, but I have no idea what the B & I are.

  • @JayhawksandChill B*tch I’m Frank Mason

  • @mayjay I fricken love that, - -That is past awesome thanks for sharing. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay That’s really a pretty cool article about how him and Frank were friends and frank attended his 1st prefromance like 3 yrs ago and now how redhead now says how he loves Kansas and wants to come preform and check in with his buddy and see Allen fieldhouse, gotta love it. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Love it! Thank you! Rock Chalk all night long!

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