This Game Was Lost Weeks Ago

  • Not because of faulty practices and preparation. Not because of the valiant efforts led by seniors Frank Mason and Landon Lucas. This TCU loss was set up weeks ago by young Misters Carlton Bragg and Josh Jackson. Carlton’s season long lack of persistent determination and focus, mixed with some immature offcourt behavior. Josh’s penchant for illegal actions outside the gym. The absence of potential GAME from those two players cost the program big time in this loss to TCU. Perhaps the NBA can survive and thrive alongside this kind of crap, but it is a sorry mess for the storied program of Kansas Basketball. If locked in the gym or guarded carefully in the outside real world, Jackson can still contribute mightily to statistical advantages for Jayhawk hoops. Bragg: who knows?

  • @REHawk You’re pretty much right old friend. Either not old enough to know better or still too young to care. JMO but I think anything past the round of 32 is gravy. Let’s just say I’m not expecting a weekend in Mitch’s home town to end the season. Sure as H hope I’m wrong. RCJH anyway… is still major important that we support our guys that have given it their all. LL, FM, DG, etc.

  • @globaljaybird

    I’m predicting S16 just at this point without knowing the match-ups. Once I see the match-ups it’s subject to change.

  • @REHawk Well said buddy. I’m with @globaljaybird this team doesnt play hard much outside of Mason and Lucas too many guys being flat out lazy. Defense and rebounding killed us last year and this team is worse at both bye a lot.

  • Bragg is the most disappointing player I’ve seen in a KU uniform. Never seen anything like it

  • @BeddieKU23 More disappointing than Micah Downs?

  • @sfbahawk said:

    @BeddieKU23 More disappointing than Micah Downs?

    Not even in the same stratosphere. Bragg is mentally not on the same level with his team

  • @kjayhawks Maybe you should include JJ with FM and LL. He led the team in blocks, steals, second only to LL in rebounds and almost 100 more than FM who was third while playing 200 less minutes than FM. And second in scoring to FM.

  • If we were going to lose a game, this would be the optimal one to lose. Number 1 seed? Check. Tulsa first/2nd rd? Check. KC for the Sweet 16, and the Elite 8? Check. I think we’re all set, and ready to go.

  • @brooksmd At times yes, JJ is the best Oad in terms of being engaged in games. I just wish he was better off the court.

  • @KUSTEVE we can always count on you to bring us up buddy.

  • @REHawk

    Uggggggggggggggggh, man, am I ever glad I never had to get the treatment from you, when I played. You must have been a wonderful coach that could really make’em feel ashamed. Jeeze, I feel shame just reading your awesome post, and I’m old fart that can’t even run up and down the court anymore. Holy cow, Coach!!! Before I could type and I had to skulk around my home office looking around checking to see if anyone were watching me!!! I had to avoid looking in the mirror.




    Self needs to blow your post up and hang it on the practice court wall.

    HELL, maybe we better have the Franklin Mint mint some medallions with your post on them that Josh and Carlton have to wear 24 hours a day around their necks until game time.

    Man, Coach, I may have to become a Catholic just go to confession to get this load off me.

    I’m like collateral shaming damage.




  • Oh… That thing that happens when persons have a less than sunshine, rainbows, and perfection view of things…

  • There was an article about KU wanting to fix their defense during the down time on IMO, if they can’t figure out how to play harder and more focused defensively for longer than seven or eight minutes a game, then the staff needs to reconsider what they are doing. Look at what Duke is doing this week. Fatigue is a terrible excuse. The problem is they just don’t care about it. They don’t get down in a good stance and move their feet. It makes me wonder what they work on and talk about.


  • @HawkChamp then you should have also read frank said fatigue wasn’t an excuse. He did play 40 minutes. Guessing those dukies played 40 too?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I was mainly referring to the lack of concentration on the defensive end. What I am saying is, as a team, this team does not have “it” to be a great defensive team and they haven’t since the 2013 team. The players we have had the last four years just aren’t defensive minded at all.

  • @HawkChamp I prefer better D myself, a lot better! Some of its the calls are much tougher than when releford play, you think? Svi drives me nuts and not seeing the ball drives me nuts too. Slow first step!

  • @jaybate-1.0 OMG…that was freaking brilliant…LMAO…

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