Tcu zone

  • No josh in the middle-Bragg?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Vick. Bomb the bejesus out of them with 4 gunners that can hit from the 3 at a good clip. No rebounding needed if you don’t miss shots. 😃

  • I suspect it will be Frank, Devonte, and LaGerald who are forced to beat the zone. I don’t think Carlton has the mental presence and passing skills to handle Josh’s role in the middle. Carlton’s forte is the mid-range jumper and I hope he hits 4 or 5 shots for us today. It’s all hands on deck on offense to cover Josh’s unexpected absence. This is a great opportunity for Svi to find his game. RCJH

  • Ok guys, I’m gonna to have to say that I’m just a little , and let me emphasize little --just a wee , tad bit nervous. Nothing more then that but still. - -with Josh being suspended , he is our 2nd leading rebounder, plus his offensive output, we going to be missing leaves me some nervous.

    TCU - -with Kendrick , and Broz - -however you spell I, if I’m not mistaking gave us a pretty good challenge on the boards and then on our defensive end - -who is going to take over for josh, might be a match up problem for LaGerald. - -This for sure we are going to probably be playing SVI and Vick at the same time today - so if one of them gets in foul trouble - -who replaces them? - - -I know we will probably be ok, just a negative Nellie here oday - -just curious that’s all. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Gotta have someone replace josh in the middle of the zone. I’d say if Vicks starting it’s either him or Svi. Gotta have good hands. If we play 2 posts it would be Bragg. Not sure we’ve seen anyone other than jj? Tcu will do it

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I believe Svi can do it. His game us somewhat similar to Josh, insofar as he can shoot from outside and drive, and he is a good passer with high basketball IQ, albeit without the crazy athleticism Josh has, although he prefers to shot the 3 from the corner. We will soon find out.

  • sigh just now reading this, Hind-sight sucks

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