Big 12 Tournament of tears

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    KU vs TCU game is on ESPN2 at 1:30pm central time Thursday March 9th

  • Your time cant be right if ISU vs OSU is 12:30 no way KU plays at 1:30, 3 maybe but no way a game takes 1 hour. :

  • The times in the bracket are likely EST and the KU game time is CST. Therefore, KU is scheduled to play at 2:30 EST or 1:30 CST giving the prior game 2 hours to finish. It won’t and KU will likely start around 2:00 CST

  • @kjayhawks CBS bracket showing its east coast bias with an eastern time zone listing of a central time zone event. I didn’t check the times of the other teams. There’s only one I truly care about. 1:30 central time is the listed start time. It’ll likely be a little late unless the earlier game is a laugher.

  • @dylans I see lol, Why do they put everything in eastern time? Especially for a tournament played in central time and made up of mostly central time teams.

  • anyone going down to PnL tomorrow? Thinking of going down to Johnny’s Tavern and watching the game if anyone wants to join me for a beer and/or jayhawk shot

  • @HawkInMizery If i wasn’t 3 hours away and have work sure lol,.

  • @kjayhawks in spirit then my friend!

  • @HawkInMizery

    I will see how my schedule is like and might be able to make it there…for a sports bar the food is not too bad either.

  • @HawkInMizery sounds fun. Unfortunately I’ll be 300 miles away from ya. Enjoy the game and drink one for me!

  • Fro0m the KU Athletic Department website…


  • @JayHawkFanToo no not at all! I love their Nuke La Loosh pizza and their burgers. I’m thinking about going down there around noon or so.

  • @dylans you got it!!!

  • Well we are doomed lol. - -I mean Deano says TCU chances or ill get us seeing as how no Josh tomorrow, - I mean didn’t say directly, but you get the jest. - -Plus they wer quick to point out how we didn’t want to see Bucknell or Wichita State of UNC Wilmington on the other side of the NCAA bracket either, so I’m guessing in people’s eyes we are just a warmed over pile of doo - -that’s ok we can ride with that - hope the guys need some more incentive lol - - - it’s been like this all year, how we have played so many close games, funny thing is like it was pointed out at another time 73 % of ALL big 12 teams games had been decided by single digits this conference season - -NOT just KU BUT everyone… - -guess I’m missin something. -I guess really good teams finding ways to win ALL those close games means nothing - -guess losing only ONE road game all year means nothing.- -LOL - - SO YA ONE and done in the tourney guys lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Arena is empty tonight.

  • Texas storms back from 12 down to beat TT. Crazy to think that Texas was ranked in the top 25 to start the year. Does TT get an NIT bid?

  • No one has mentioned it that I see but we will be playing TCU tomorrow. They handled OU rather easily, which surprised me with how well OU had been playing.

  • TCU with Jackson on the bench


  • @Blown mason strong.jpg

    KU with Jackson on the bench

  • @dylans said:

    CBS bracket showing its east coast bias with an eastern time zone listing of a central time zone event.

    One thing I noticed on my trips to Hawaii and Chicago this winter was that the times listed for games on the Scoreboard would change to my local time depending on where I was regardless of where the games were played. But only if my phone Time settings were set to the local Time Zone. If I was on Automatic, the scoreboard showed ET for all games. I doubt that the CBS schedule is done the same. (Edit: It is, apparently. See next post.)

    I don’t think it is East Coast bias except insofar as it is an outgrowth of the original style of network schedules where they always said on national broadcasts, for example, “9 Eastern time, 8 Central.” With the web, not knowing where people are when they read it, for consistency, I notice most programming listings on national sites use Eastern and then everybody can adjust depending on where they are. Mountain and Pacific use different delays than Central. (ESPN’s must use a system that plugs in the time zone based on feedback from my phone.)

    For sports listings involving live broadcasts rather than the delays in TV programs, I think they should base it on the venue site, but the people doing these things seem to enjoy proving that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Unfortunately, when they don’t add the time zone designation, it can look dumb and be confusing, as with that CBS one.

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