jSPN FAKE Rumored Top Five Replacements for Kim Anderson at Fizzou

  • 5 Bruce Webber

    4 Kelvin Sampson

    3 Dave Bliss

    2 .600 Johnny Jones

    1 Melissa McCarthy

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Updated fake jSPN Rumor about Top Five Replacement Candidates for Kim Anderson at Fizzou

    5 Hillary Clinton 4 Scott Drew/Kenneth Star (co-head coaches) 3 Jeff Sessions 2 Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn 1 Dubya

    (Note; all fiction. No malice)

  • I actually read some Mizzou news articles, and there is speculation about head coach. Most articles are apologetic for Kim Anderson, saying he is a favored son, but was thrust into an impossible situation.

    Their Senior night had maybe 200 people in the whole arena.

    The articles were speculating on Jeff Capel, Joe Dooley, and Gregg Marshall, among others.

    In other news Quin Snyder wins 100th game as Utah Jazz HC…

  • @ralster Seriously? He’s the Jazz HC? Wow! (obviously I don’t pay much attention to the NBA)

  • @ralster

    The KC TV stations are reporting that Cuonzo Martin, Lorenzo Romar, Tom Crean and Larry Drew are the potential candidates. They also reported that Anderson admitted that when he took over the program it was in a lot worse shape than reported; they said that the program has now been cleaned up but still needs a full rebuild.

    Capel thinks he will get the Duke job when Coach rat face retires (I don’t) so he is it going to wait, Marshall is one of the top 10 paid coaches and would be a candidate for much better openings than MU and I don’t believe Coach Dooley would take that dumpster fire of a job.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think Collins from NW could easily get the Duke job.

  • @ralster

    The Quin Snyder story is one of the most amazing ever. His rise, fall and resurrection has been more amazing than The Natural. I hope it has a happy ending like the movie instead of the book.

    Re: coaches–they need to hire a masochist with a Nike connection.

    They are so far down it’s a good time for making a good choice. No one cares anymore, so they can pick a good coach without politics.

    But what a sorry bunch.

  • @JayHawkFanToo but Marsha would get out of that awful Missouri valley. Kinda funny! Into awful mizzou

  • I think they’re just going to let the players coach themselves. No grown man/woman really wants to embarrass themselves by going to Missouri.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    As KU fans, maybe we should all root for them to hire Lorenzo Romar to get the MU job.

    Cuonzo leaving Berkley for Columbia? Well, he seems to be a .600 coach which would be a step up for MU, and has Ozark roots. And it would get him in the neighborhood for UArk when Anderson moves on. And hep sum with the racial.

    Marsha? Turds of a feather do flock together, but Marsha could do better–I agree.

    I would like for them to hire one more XTREME LOSER.

    Like Buzz Bzzzzzzzzzzzdelik!

  • I’ll bet Larry Eustachy is available.

  • @mayjay

    Collins certainly has the Duke pedigree but with a 0.551 4-year/lifetime record at NW, I am not sure he has the gravitas to replace Coach K. Once upon a time KU took a huge chance with a young coach ant it worked out pretty dadgum well.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Very strong chance Martin ends up and Misery or Illinois.

  • You forgot Bill Self’s gardener! lol

  • @BShark

    Frank Martin?

    Isn’t he doing well as a Gamecock?

    Or is this a different Martin?

  • @dylans

    Ooooh, now there would be a FIT!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0


  • @BShark

    Of course! Silly me.

    .608 Cuonzo does seem to have struggled at Cal. 6th place this season in PAC 12. Tied for third last year. Harry E lecturing at KU must be considering either Norm or Kurtis.

    Don’t do it 'zo!!!

    Go anywhere before there.

    Go back to Missouri State!!!

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