So Lately...

  • Vick is a lot better than Svi. I don’t think Self should change the starting line-up for psychology reasons but I’m all for him having a quick hook with Svi at this point.

  • Svi kinda did it to himself today with the two early fouls. And then another… And another

  • Svi is in his big slump and feeling pressure from Vick.

    Vick keeps getting better and Self rewards that more than anything.

    Vick was in at crunch time.

    That’s the writing on the wall.

  • @jaybate-1.0 What option on this year’s team is Svi? My opinion is Frank, Josh, Devonte, Landen, and either Vick or Svi. He is at best the team’s 5th option and that is part of the reason for the slump. I am sure by now, he thought he would be in the top 3 and have the offense run through him a little bit more. I look at his body language more than anything.

  • @KansasComet

    You’re onto it.

    Self said this would be the season Svi would blossom and he’s struggled.

    And Vick passed him.

    He’s got to keep fighting and the go to the off season and retool yet again.

    Self may even have lowered the boom about incoming recruits and Vick relegating him to substitute status next year. Svi and Self could be thinking about moving on next season.

    Another one of those numbers things.

    It is like the door opens for a short while and if you don’t walk through, it’s not going to open again.

  • Even when Svi scores points he is a net negative. Good thing Josh will be back for the NCAAT.

  • I was pissed at Svi for the bonehead play at the end - BUT - he did have almost 1/4 of our points. We were lucky we were even tied at that point.

  • I’ve already had an Oklahoma fan giving me crap. OKLAHOMA!!! REALLY???

  • @nuleafjhawk said:

    I’ve already had an Oklahoma fan giving me crap. OKLAHOMA!!! REALLY???


  • Hope this was our last loss of the season. I’ve aged 10 years already this season watching the Hawks and their all too many close games. Imagine how much HCBS has aged this season? LOL

    Svi? Nice scoring, but stupid mistakes down the stretch really hurt us, Brother. Time to improve your overall game, or the NBA won’t be calling. Wonder what his +/- was for this game?

  • @hawkmoon2020

    Not just plus/minus but the fact that he was abused continually on D and made bad decisions on O.

  • Well what do you think? - - Do you think we hang on to the Midwest Region or move us out?

  • Man did Lightfoot piss me off today, as wide open as a guy can get and travels…

  • @kjayhawks probably not as mad as he is at himself!

  • @kjayhawks It was a lousy pass

  • @nuleafjhawk and there are some good defensive moments.

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