• You beat me to the punch by about 7 min. LOL What a great streak!!!

  • It’s interesting to hear of Northwestern hoping to get their first bid. They’re on thin ice after being a lock a few weeks back. Personally my interest in the Badgers means I follow two teams with long streaks but somehow KU and UW have never met.

  • KU has the longest streak of being ranked in the top 25 also.

  • @wissox I think they meet this year.

  • @KUSTEVE KU would beat them pretty easily this year I think, which would be fine in case you’re wondering!


    I liked the comments after the article too.

  • @wissox

    So who would you want to win in a Kansas/Wisconsin game?

  • @KUSTEVE "Since 1990, KU has been seeded No. 2 on average. Kansas has been seeded worse than fourth just twice! Jayhawks fans talk in hushed tones about the dark ages: 1998-2000. A No. 8 seed. Shudder. "

    That’s brilliant.

  • @drgnslayr Oh as I mentioned above, KU for sure. It’s an easier choice this year as the Badgers have hit the rocks big time and really have no potential to do any damage in the dance. Two years ago with Frank, and Dekker and Gasser, well, that team it would have been tough to see UW lose to anyone. but I’d still have to cheer for KU.

  • @tundrahok Remember beating Syracuse in 2000 2nd round and at the press conference Roy pulled out a monkey and mimed getting it off his back, like getting the monkey off his back? That was after 3 dances without getting out of the first weekend.

  • @tundrahok The author did a little creative math in rounding our “average seed” down to a 2 seed. It actually averages out at 2.37 (64 ÷ 27), which makes a little more sense in view of the 8 and 6 seeds being worth a half seed just from the two of them.

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