• Let’s speak this into existence. Frank needs 12 & 7 to end the year with 20 ppg and 5 apg Would be first time in big 12 history.

    Everyone now–12&7…

  • Challenge you all to make your signature line say 12&7 and humm your chakra!!

  • Nice, but in college all tourney game stats count for the season, too. So, who wants to calculate how many of each he needs over his next ten gamesto average 20 and 5? Yeah, I said it–10, count 'em, TEN GAMES!

  • @mayjay was mislead by fake news at kusports. Or my reading comprehension failed me…

    "With one game remaining in a regular season that has seen the Jayhawks win 27 of 30 games — two of their three losses came in overtime — and ascend to the No. 1 spot in both major polls on Monday, Mason is still averaging right at 20 points per game (20.3) and is knocking on the door of becoming the first player in Big 12 Conference history to finish a season with averages of 20 points and five assists.

    Mason needs seven assists in KU’s regular season finale at Oklahoma State — 5 p.m. Saturday on ESPN — to push his assists-per-game average (currently 4.93) to an even 5.0 and 12 points or more to keep his scoring average at 20 points or higher."

  • @Blown Article is poorly written. It is still a running average. We DON’T want the final calculation to be easy or soon!

  • Man, that game in Stoolwater will be tough. Read that OkieState is a very efficient offensive team, and they simplified their defensive assignments after starting 0-6 in BigXII play–> thus Underwood and staff have made a key shift on the fly, and kept their kids motivated.

    Underwood has my immediate respect. Another guy from the OkieState/Iba/JackHartmann tree that spawned Self, Kruger, Sutton…

    Why is Shaka now exposed? Because of guys like Kruger, Underwood, Self, Huggins, Dixon, Beard, and maybe Prohm and Scot Drew (possibly). Weber’s team has given up on him now, so he’s in Shaka’s boat, up the river. Neither has a paddle.

  • @ralster wonder if KSU will go all in on Underwood.

  • @Blown doubt he’d leave from in conference. One of my co workers when to HS with Underwood, he grew up in the same area as me. My buddy said last year that Brad was no way going anywhere where ADCurry was but he’s gone now. I still would highly bet against it.

  • I believe he has a pretty big in conference buy out. KSU likely isn’t in a position to want to pay that, Bruce to not coach there and Underwood’s salary.

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