Late report from Austin

  • Ears still ringing from lady behind us who screamed shrilly the entire game except for the times Coleby made her shut up with his offensive prowess.

    Good seats were available in the Erwin Center.

    I saw Bill Walton. I didn’t have to listen to him.

    Guy in front of me knows a lot. What he told me about JJ’s arrest, not good. I’m glad very selfishly that he’s playing for us but if it’s true what the dude said, well don’t need his sorry story on our team. I’ll just live the rest of the season hoping it’s not true. No I’m not telling you what he said, would rather not get accused of libel.

    The Erwin Center is the boringest looking building I’ve ever seen in my life. A concrete cylinder. No decoration/paint. Inside wasn’t much better.

    Texas fans do have some fun.

    Half time entertainment was plate lady on unicycle. Amazing.

    First game in a long time we didn’t have to come back or sweat through a victory.

    Did it look to you like Texas gave up? We got the ball with a minute left. They didn’t foul. We started singing the chant when I saw that. 9 points is a lot, but crazier things have happened. Hadn’t they read the scouting report on our FT shooting?

    We got slightly rattled with about 2 minutes left. Josh took a wild stupid shot, they scored, stole it, scored, they had DG trapped in the corner, he called TO. So we inbound the ball in the corner, the toughest spot to inbound a ball and they put no pressure on the pass. Thanks Smart, but that wasn’t really smart.

    Fans booed at a call once all game. JJ shot missed a shot from the FT line. After the miss, we hear the whistle. I’d have been booing too.

    Walked out of the gym with the band playing their fight song. I was singing Rock Chalk to the tune. Fun to see the Hawks win in person, the first time since 1988 for me!

  • @wissox about Jackson - I am always skeptical of hear say. People can claim they know something when in fact they are nobodys and have no real information. I could post that I was there that night or I knew someone that was there and share random “details” of what transpired.

    I dont know what exactly happened and I will not judge him because of that. We all make mistakes and I am not going to pile on him.

  • @wissox was this a Texas fan?

  • He was a Jayhawk fanatic. Been to all the big games all the back to the 86 FF. I’ve got my disclaimers in there, not saying it happened like he said, but if it did…?

    “We all make mistakes and I am not going to pile on him” Mistakes don’t get you arrested. Sorry @HawkChamp but i tire of hearing that. Mistakes mean you overdraw your bank account, or take the wrong exit, or leave the coffee pot on. Crimes get you arrested and most of us/all of us here? haven’t been arrested. It’s pretty clear he deliberately damaged someone else’s car.

    Meanwhile, feel free to comment on the rest of my post!!

  • So if the fire is that bad, where’s the smoke and fallout (suspension)? Since we all are merely speculating about Josh Jackson’s infraction, then I’ll just speculate that since he’s still playing, and not suspended at all by Bill Self, then the legal side of things cannot be that heinous. Or, Self is just waiting for the mid-April court verdict. But Self saw fit to let JJ play. If its a truly awful/felony type crime, then Self will look awful once the details will come out–> cant imagine he’d take that risk with the ambassadorship of the program.

    Either way, I’ll simply hope its a case of an otherwise bright 18yr old kid, who made a dumb mistake, in the heat of the moment perhaps…

  • @ralster amen. I say let’s leave it at that.

  • @wissox

    I can only speak for myself but I have a problem with Jackson’s actions being bigger than already reported. If it had been a serious crime, the investigation would have been a lot faster and charges would have been filed much sooner. The fact that he was charged with a misdemeanor would appear to indicate that there was no evidence available to support charging him with a more serious offense.

    Also, what are the chances that someone in Austin, KU fan or not, has information that some of the locals do not have? If there was even a hint that there was more to it, the Star would have been all over it and would have been all over the various forums.

    Of course when you kick a car door and a taillight you are doing it in purpose, it is not like a foot has a mind of its own. However, as misguided as this was, it is really not that unusual when it comes to young men and women with raging hormones and affairs of the heart. I used to hear it from my kids when they were that age and I hear it now from my grandson that is only a sophomore in HS.

    As far as being arrested, I don’t believe Josh was arrested; charges were filed and probably he made an appearance, posted bond and that was the extent of it. Also, If you don’t think people get arrested for small offenses you better think again, it happens all the time…I know this from personal experience. .

  • I think we already have a pretty good picture of what happened based on what’s come out from the parties involved. Self has said he was made aware of the situation in December when the police report was filed and handled the matter internally then, there’s little evidence in Self’s history to doubt this and he probably does know much more about this situation than we do.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:

    he probably does know much more about this situation than we do.

    …or (hopefully) much more than some random fan at a Texas game.

    If it were really really bad, that would implicate the whole program. Would the guy still go to an away game?

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