Gonzaga Loses

  • Decent chance that KU is #1 on Monday.

  • Nah, they’ll probably give it to Carolina. There’s plenty of precedent for KU getting jumped.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich probably. Unbelievable game by BYU. Gonzaga did not close well.

  • So the mighty, vaunted, nouveau-cool, anti-“establishment” (interpret: anti-superpower/blueblood), “alternative” Zags can be beat…Hmm, I wont shed a tear. No, I never took the time to grow a beard, no the Zags dont float my boat.

    In other news, Kansas, NorthCarolina, Kentucky, UCLA all looking very strong…as usual.

  • @ralster Agreed - NC is getting it together, and UCLA last night looked very very tough

  • @ralster Yea, UCLA looks like Goliaths out there…c’mon Jayhawk Davids!

  • The other new-cool team out there was Butler, but we see Brad Stevens ditched them like a hot potato when someone dangled $ and NBA limelight in front of him.

  • @ralster North Carolina looking pretty good right now, Ucla, and even Arizona even with losing last night 3 schools that look pretty strong - -oh ya as well as us lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Bosthawk Roy gets a lil flustered playing his old team❤️🏀💙

  • Gonzaga should bounce to #10 or so. They aren’t a top team in my book.

  • @ralster

    Stevens is too good to coach in college. Of course he is somewhat a curse for his current situation. The Celtics almost can’t bottom out, because he is too great of a coach…so they may never get a great player to get them over the hump to legitimate contention.

  • @BShark Yes, his Butler teams were indeed well coached. Only being a couple of future NBA-talent explosive players away from winning a NC. With all the parity, there has to be some sort of mix of factors, and then a special X-factor to take a team to a NC. Its going to be very hard for some 1976Hoosiers-type squad to go all the way, especially with all the Dukes, UNCs, Kansas’s, Kentuckys lurking around…

    You even mentioned the same concept at play at the NBA level: he may not get that top-lotto pick to add to his Celtics roster to take that team to the next level contender status…

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