Hey, Rats! Please Don't be Like Our Haters

  • As I count it, there are 3 players who have been implicated in a total of 5 incidents this and last year. Three for Bragg, two for Vick, with one of his overlapping with JJ’s.

    That is not “this team” nor is it KU. This is 3 out of 15 guys. I have seen posts earlier from people saying they are embarrassed to wear their t-shirts. Don’t generalize that all of our guys have been involved in malicious or questionable behavior. That isn’t fair to the good guys on the team, the ones who do uphold the classy behavior we want and hope for–the ones who represent us well. Yes, this stuff is impossible to defend, but the program ain’t sliding into Hell.

    We just had more guys make Academic All Big 12 than have been implicated in this crap. We can look with open eyes at the bad, but don’t stop being aware of the praiseworthy.

  • @mayjay Thank you for posting on this, reminding all of us to look at this with rational heads.

    KU basketball is just fine people! Kids do dumb Shiite some times. BFD. Lets move on shall we?

    This absolutely doesn’t affect the integrity of the program as a whole.

  • @mayjay

    In many ways, part of being young is being young and stupid so you can learn from your mistakes…and you will have all these stories to tell your grand kids someday…I know I do.

  • @mayjay

    Out of 26 kids named Academic All Big 12, 6 are from WVU, 5 from KSU and 4 from KU and OU; none from OSU or Texas.

  • @JayHawkFanToo men’s basketball?

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