Devonte's b-day=big game?

  • Hope he has a big night!


  • @Statmachine diamonds are a nice gift!💍🙌✌️👆

  • @Statmachine

    At great birthday gift for Devonte will be an upsurge in his play from now through the first week of April!

    Thought he hustled harder in the Baylor game, just had a bad shooting game. If he had hit some shots, his stat sheet would have matched his effort level.

    I have no doubt that Devonte is the key to our success moving forward. He gives us the dynamic “three amigos” on the perimeter… which could develop into the toughest hombres in March. Who can stop that?

    Devonte also has “the magic.” He has the ability to come up with insane plays. Having “magic” in March is HUGE!

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