• Got ONE word for this KU team - - Toughness, - - This team has shown a toughness I haven’t seen for some years. They just don’t quit. - -They never seem to panic, So many single digit wins this year, but yet we continue to find THE play that wins us the game. - - Little things, BUT yet huge plays, - -Devonte sacrificing jumping up on the score table to save the ball, so many things through out this season.

    ONCE again - -here is Landen seems to just be slushing , slugging along through the game BUT AGAIN in critical stage of the game - -get’s a HUGE rebound and hits TWO critical free throws with what 11.1 to go in the game? – -gets 8 point’s 7 rebounds and THREE BLOCKS. The guy is just pretty fundamental , for sure NOT flashy, not for sure no HUGE scorer, just makes some solid plays, bodies up, clogs the middle

    These SEVEN players and tinsy bit of Mitch, just tough it out, never say die AGAIN down by six with like 3:40 to go. - - Stick together and we just win baby win. - -You just got to feel al these close games can be nothing buy positive come tournament time, another look how we did against WV and that was with Frank fouling out, - -Look what we did down at Kentucky - -look what we did today on Baylor" s home floor -this group just seems to be tough as nails, led by that little guy that drives the ball takes a beating time and time again and just gets up and get’s right back after it - -it’s all about TOUGHNESS, and we got plenty, that never say die attitude. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • A really fun win. Improbable, but none the less a W. RCJH

  • Bill needs credit, he has really taken his coaching up a notch this year. He is lot more flexible. He is letting them play with a free mind. He is adding a few tricks, mixing in zone D much more often, press more when needed. He has been a great coach and now he is taking himself to elite level.

  • Free to do this?


  • @RockChalkinTexas That was his best dunk of the year to me. So much authority in that one. He was trying to hurt someone when he threw that ball down.

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